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Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

E-commerce hosting is a type of business method which is done on internet platform or world wide web, in this, a company provides another company a platform on which they can sell their products and services easily. The E-commerce hosting is an option provided by many Web hosting service providers. In addition to supplying e-commerce functions, they also offer us Web space that is a Web server in order to host your website. It also offers an email support by operating on an email server, provides the technical support and other features for Web hosting to have the higher output of your businesses.

Go4hosting provides an advanced and high network protection experience for your esteemed client base. The Amazon web services gives you a memorable experience along with Go4hosting to have highly augmented business share by securing your confidential data effectively. Go4hosting develops secured solutions for every client in order to help them in achieving their targets effectively.

Website Features for an Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rates:

There is a stiff competition among the ecommerce websites and if you have your own website then this way plays an avid role in increasing the sales. It also withstands the stiff competition being faced in internet market these days. It helps in making business profit for the business. However, If the conversion rate on your website is low, then there can be various other factors to blame for it.

So what are you can to do to boost the conversion rates for your ecommerce website?

Follow these seven necessary factors mentioned below:

  • Trusted web site Security: You must make sure that reliable website security measures are followed for the business. As there is a persistent growth in the online e-commerce transactions, that helps in implementing the correct security ways which must be one of your highest priority jobs. As we know the proportion of online searching of data has become significant universally across the globe, this can act as an additional remunerative target for the hackers and cybercriminals. In order to modify, convince the folks to trust your web site and so as to make them feel safe and secured for doing the purchase from your website, you just need to make sure about the following aspects are given below:
  • It works with a secured e-commerce platform that maintains and handles all the PCI compliances well.
  • You can Install an SSL certificate on your website and update it frequently on regular basis.
  • To provide a diverse and a varied payment gateway, simple refunds and supply refund guarantees an additional recognition for functioning.
  • In order to curb piracy, you can implement a two-factor authentication method for logins of clients so as to safeguard their confidential data.
  • You also need to include a set-up link between the privacy policy of your business to market business transparency, it helps in reinforcing the client’s trust.
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It helps in ensuring us a smart website Speed

Having a quick and a simple way to use website is extremely necessary. For example, if somebody wishes to shop for a product from your particular website. But it is actually taking a lot of time for him/her to achieve the checkout page, most probably it is that the client has abandoned the stock for some diverse websites in order to sell the same product. Also, if your website is not backed with a correct ecommerce hosting platform, it would shut down at peak traffic times. It may also work slowly, and this might be one of the serious matters of concern for the shoppers. For having a guaranteed smart website speed, you will be able to manage the ecommerce hosting or cloud hosting effectively. The Cloud hosting actually is a perfect possibility for an oversized ecommerce website as it provides an automatic vertical and horizontal scaling in order to make sure that your website is up and running effectively with least issues.

Methods by which you can spice up Your Website Loading Speed:

  • Include a list Section for the questions that can be asked to customers:

By including a page for the list of questions which are very helpful for your customers gives you an edge in the business. The potential customers that visit your website will get answers to their queries and considerations through the list.

In the FAQ, you may answer questions on producing of the product, how the usage of the product is done, the method for checkout. It also manages the refund method, questions on returning the product etc. This creates the shoppers comfortable and then they will wish to shop from your website. Ideally, you should think about adding a link to your list page in your product descriptions so that the alteration is done effectively for shoppers. It is not very tough to make a list page, by this, you will be able to analyze your client support tickets quickly. Also, the handling of usually asked queries or questions by the shoppers on your online chat process or the other systems acts as a medium for helpful posting among the list section.

  • Allow Customers To Checkout As Guests:
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Here you can allow your website users to check out while not sign up for an account on your website. Many folks would simply wish to obtain a simple method. Because they may not wish to enter any kind for complex account formalities before they will shop from your website. Anyway, by this way you are actually progressing to have a name and an email address of the client once he/she actually buys from your website. Forcing the users to mandatory to make an account on your website can be the biggest reason for the client to leave your ecommerce web site and look for an alternate ecommerce website hosting.

  • Persistent shopping cart:

A common behavior is that individuals add a product that they prefer to shop in the cart on a website and still browse the website in order to visit the website later and choose whatever they need to shop for. If they come to the cart later and see that the product they have added into the cart has lesser items which were actually present earlier. It might be an act of worry for them for them as now they have to begin from scratch once more. The most suitable answer to this problem by having a persistent cart. If the cart on your website is designed with a persistent cookie, the cart will have all the products added by the client. It will ease the daily or every week’s work for the user.

  • It helps in displaying a Clear decision To Action:

The online buying acts as an expert for those who cannot visit the market yet want all the items in one place. Here the customer looks for the choices on your own website however the choices should be provided as per choices available in the market as well. If people need to seek for ‘add to cart’ or ‘checkout’ choices on your website, then it should not act as a problem or a headache for them. These choices are the most essential ones on your online store and that should be displayed evidently on your product pages. The font and colour of the Call to action buttons also matters for the working.

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If you pay your attention to some necessary factors, the conversion rates of your ecommerce website can be increased significantly. Make sure you create your website hospitable and simple to use for the shoppers, and that they can certainly use it at subsequent time whenever they are online.

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