Which is a Better Option for ecommerce: a Hosted Ecommerce Blog or a WordPress Blog?

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

When you wish to launch an ecommerce website, you are likely to face this dilemma as to whether an ecommerce-hosted blog or a WordPress blog is more useful. A hosted ecommerce blog is one which is built and maintained by a group which is the host for such a blog. Instead of hosting it on your own, you can turn to a web hosting provider because it is far more effective and economical. This is especially budget-friendly for start-ups and the smaller businesses running on tight budgets. The WordPress blog, on the other hand, refers to an open-source CMS or Content Management System which can be based upon MySQL and PHP. This CMS gets installed on servers and can be hosted by a web host or independently. The WordPress blog is not meant for commercial purposes; it is primarily used for expressing content which the user finds fit.

Which platform is better for you: ecommerce hosted blog or WordPress hosted blog?

When you are to decide whether an ecommerce hosted blog is better than a WordPress blog, you need to understand the real purpose for the blog. When you are looking at it from a commercial perspective, the ecommerce hosted blog is preferred. WordPress blogs are better suited for social media marketing purposes. For instance Shopify, an ecommerce company based in Canada, creates software for ecommerce blogs, as does Bigcommerce, 3D Cart etc. These do not design software meant for promoting businesses in a WordPress blog. They are mainly experts in commercial development and technical development for companies across the Internet. To create a WordPress blog, you will not need this level of technical expertise; you can design it on your own but to make it grab the attention of others, you need the assistance of companies like Shopify.

While WordPress is an awesome platform which can adapt any feature and can make your site accessible at all times for a global audience, any ecommerce hosted platform is more specific in its approach and purpose. It is therefore quite distinct from a standard website or blog. WordPress will mainly focus on content which is supposed to be read for free; so, you can easily publish blogs and articles, images and videos. Ecommerce websites have a definite purpose and they have to be careful about protecting sensitive buyer-related information. Such sites have to be very secure; they are expected to handle orders and process these seamlessly. So, Shopify is more of an online service while WordPress in basically a stand-alone software that can be self-installed.

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A great advantage which an ecommerce hosted blog will offer is the power to create awesome online stores without having coding experience. You can literally get started within minutes and catering to clients is super-easy. So, an ecommerce hosted blog is the best decision to take when you want to launch a quality ecommerce store quickly and you do not already have a site. It is easy for clients without coding and designing skills and experiences. You can use tools like Shopify for instance when you are not keen to hire people for launching the ecommerce store. An ecommerce hosted site is also convenient when you wish to integrate this with a regular physical store. Most importantly, you will get access to excellent customer support when you choose an ecommerce-hosted platform. WordPress, on the other hand, will be able to run any kind of website. You can get it free of cost but you will have to set it up on your own. You will also need to configure it and launch the site with it. WordPress is primarily a blogger’s platform which will not offer any ecommerce features. You can get such features through their plug-ins; besides the ecommerce plug-ins, you will require may others to perform standard functions like social media and SEO. So, WordPress turns out to be a good option for a more tech-savvy user.

When you already own a WordPress website and you are familiar with the interface, you may use it for ecommerce purposes. It is also a good option if you want to cut down on costs that you would otherwise have to bear to get a new ecommerce platform. WordPress is a good option for ecommerce hosting when you are comfortable with source code. Finally, when you can handle the site without immediate customer support facilities, you should opt for best ecommerce hosting on WordPress hosted site.

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To conclude, from a commercial perspective, the hosted ecommerce blog will always be the better option, but you can also make the WordPress blog suited for ecommerce by adding some functions. So, while investments in hosted ecommerce will guarantee excellent results for your business, WordPress blogs can also be manipulated to express the business in a specific way.

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