Are You Overlooking The Potential of Managed Hosting Services?

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Every business wants to wade through the success path! Every business envisages for wider customer base! Few achieve, many struggle, and majority fail!

As technologies have become more complex in recent times, keeping up with the changing business demands has become a more challenging task for businesses. There are a smorgasbord of tools that allow organizations to manage their server environment on their own, however, technical prowess, round the clock monitoring, and time required to manage it can be out of reach for internal IT teams. It may also lack the necessary flexibility, depending on the organization shape and size. Managing company’s infrastructure in-house can help in saving overhead expenses, however carrying out the task successfully is not a cakewalk, as it demands high-end technology and human resources to be in place.

Managed Hosting Services to Rescue…  

Managed hosting services free a business’s in-house IT team from the burden of day-to-day server management activities, allowing them to focus on their competencies.

Let’s fathom how businesses can benefit from managed hosting services:

Security: A managed hosting service provider acts as an extension of an organization, providing them access to tools, technologies, and other resources for smooth business functionality. Buoyed by flexible technologies, procedures and operations, these service providers adopt best practices and standards to adapt readily to their evolving requirements. The IT professionals at the hosting partner’s end possess rich experience that helps them to look after your organization’s security 24*7, which in point of fact is not feasible with internal IT team. Furthermore, the IT administrators keep a constant track of all activities to prevent every threat that can affect your business operations.

Holistic Management: Besides keeping security channels strong, the other benefit of managed hosting services is that experts perform backup of your data and systems so you can focus on other important aspects.

System Hardening: Another way managed hosting solutions benefit organizations is by performing system hardening – right from the software patching, removing unwanted software, usernames, logins to removal of unnecessary services. This, in turn, allows businesses to perform uninterruptedly without worrying about security of their critical IT resources.

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SLA bound Network Uptime: Managed IT service providers ensure maximum network uptime for business critical websites and applications. When managing in-house, most of the businesses encounter server issues that further to crash or failure. However, a reliable service provider has a team of skilled professionals that takes care of your server environment and addresses the arrived issues in the nick of time. They provide 99.95% to 100% network uptime, which means your website or other hosted applications will remain accessible to you and your end-users no matter what unforeseen situations may arrive.

Regulatory Requirements: Every business has its unique structure and regulatory demands. Well, the list of security and regulations is endless such as HIPAA, PCI, and ISO. A business needs to explicitly understand what regulatory needs they have to bring in place in order to comply with business’ standards. Also, they need to have expertise to implement it in the right way. Managing all this internally is not an easy feat. And, if tried without having any hands on experience, it can have an adverse effect on business functioning. Here, managed hosting service provider can help in clearing up such mess. They possess the expertise and know how to meet regulatory needs of diverse businesses.

A team of well-versed experts complement business’s internal staff to deal with cyber-attacks and ensure that your business operates seamlessly 24*7. MSP helps organizations with complex applications and databases, confidential data, high-traffic online presence, and audit/regulatory concerns in the most holistic manner. No matter how complex your server ecosystem, a reliable benefactor can help you enhance system performance and reduce overall costs.

If you are looking forward to opt for managed hosting services, you can connect with our experts now!

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