Striking Benefits of Managed Web Hosting Services

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The road to establish your web presence is full of crossroads with a plethora of options and choices. It all starts with number of options to choose from different types of web hosting solutions. There are many versions of hosting including VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting to name a few.

Managed web hosting is a boon for individuals who lack the technical expertise or manpower to manage day to day administration of web hosting, applications, security updates, and other server related tasks. This type of web hosting should be considered for websites that are expected to grow in terms of popularity.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Services

As mentioned earlier, managed web hosting is offered by web hosting provider who performs all server related operations on behalf of website owners. It was primarily designed to facilitate clients of dedicated server hosting and has slowly been extended to other types of standard web hosting such as VPS hosting, colocation hosting, and cloud hosting.

Ideal use of managed hosting

Website owners prefer managed web hosting to reduce their efforts as well as to free up their IT staff from the responsibilities of performing mundane tasks of server management. There are two types of scenarios that encourage use of managed hosting as explained below:

  1. Lack of in-house IT expertise- Administration of server space requires greater proficiency and IT knowledge. This is particularly applicable for websites that are resource intensive on account of large number of hits or seasonal spikes. Web hosting services make sure that all administrative and operational aspects of web hosting are properly implemented.
  2. Lack of other resources- Website owners turn to managed web hosting due to paucity of time because of excessive IT workloads. Managed services look after the server management so that the IT personnel are able to devote their time to focus on more important projects.
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Features of managed hosting

The additional expenses incurred for availing managed hosting are justified due to a plethora of services that are offered by web hosting service providers. The type of service offered by different web hosts may differ to great extent. However the following are the commonest services available as part of managed hosting solutions.

Web hosting providers look after server monitoring, software or hardware upgrades, and setting up of control panels in accordance with individual requirements of users. Users of managed services are also able to avail wide range of backup facilities and trouble-shooting services. Managed web hosting services also include security audits and on-call maintenance.

Assured security

Security of databases and servers is the prime need of any web hosting activity for assured business continuity as well as adherence to regulatory protocols. Managed web hosting facilitates uncompromised security of servers as well as databases by running periodic security audits and configuration of firewall.

Reliable hosting providers have required expertise as well as experience of dealing with issues related to server security by assuring spam filtering and virus scanning. Continuous monitoring and scanning of operating systems and vital applications keep vulnerabilities and cyber attacks at bay.

Storage management

Data storage needs of an organization are always subject to change. The change in storage requirements is primarily in terms of storage space. Companies can be relieved from frequent hassles of making additional provisions for more storage space. Costs for purchasing the additional storage and management of the same can be saved by managed storage services.

Similar processes are involved in management of databases. However, database management requires highly experienced database administrators since this is one the most challenging and mission critical operations. Managed service providers will help you design custom database system that perfectly matches your needs.

Cost effective and tailor-made solutions

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Managed web hosting can benefit small and medium sized enterprises to a great extent. Since SMEs lack the fundamental infrastructure and manpower to perform server and database management, managed hosting providers shoulder the responsibility of managing web hosting and help such organizations save huge costs related to maintenance and manpower.

Established providers of managed hosting services are capable of customizing the management of hosting services by designing a tailored solution for every individual client. Businesses are therefore able to carve out a perfectly tailored solution by informing their unique needs to hosting providers.

Enhanced business focus

For every entrepreneur, the business and its core competencies are of extreme significance. Managed hosting helps website owners stay focused on their businesses without getting distracted due to the tasks related to server management.

Managed web hosting also saves time and efforts required for routine server administration. Since hosting providers are efficient in round the clock performance monitoring of client’s websites and other web based applications, entrepreneurs can pay undivided attention to growth of their business.

In conclusion

Managed web hosting services may appear to be cost intensive but by considering the wide spectrum of benefits offered by them one can appreciate need to opt for such solutions.

The costs can be easily justified by round the clock availability of highly experienced technical staff to look after your web operations and a plethora of other initiatives that make sure that your digital assets are handled with care and competence.

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