Relevance of a Choosing Managed Hosting Service

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Every online venture needs support of an efficient host and a perfect hosting ecosystem that constitute a rock-solid foundation for the online business or a web-venture. These aspects of hosting provide remarkable capability to meet challenges of fluctuating traffic or sudden peaks in number of concurrent visitors. 

There are many advantages of getting the right hosting support in addition to the technical expertise such as presence of top-tiered datacenters with multiple redundancies such as connectivity, power supply and so forth.

Most of the potential users of web hosting have no difficulty to understand different types of hosting such as shared or dedicated hosting. However there is a pretty thin line dividing managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Moreover, management of server or managed hosting is not discussed during initial shared hosting phase.

If you have made up your mind to move up to dedicated hosting by leaving shared or VPS server hosting, then you must gain an in-depth knowledge about essential features and advantages of managed hosting over unmanaged hosting. These aspects of managed and unmanaged hosting are obviously not related to costs because the option of managed services is bound to cost more than unmanaged hosting.

Features of managed hosting

There are multiple factors involved in a hosting plan. One of the most vital aspects of any hosting plan is associated with the hardware including the server along with a multitude of software applications and an operating system. 

One can also get additional services from provider of managed hosting such as virus scanning, automated backups, security, and updating of all software applications and operating systems among others. The add-on features of managed hosting plans are nothing but components of hosting management. In short, users of managed hosting are able to enjoy a wide spectrum of additional services and benefits in comparison with unmanaged hosting plans.

While the specific types of services provided under managed hosting plans may not be similar for all managed hosting provider companies, it would suffice to mention the most common services for sake of understanding. 

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On such service is that of automated backups and is considered as the most significant as well. Importance of data integrity and availability is a must for seamless running of web applications. Automated backups help obviate need for making frequent backups on your own. 

There are different versions of automated backups and one must take a critical look at the way the backup processes are carried out. Some providers offer their backup services only as courtesy by storing these on the site’s server and few guarantee storage of databases as well as site’s data on separate systems.

These situations underline significance of finding the right host by making a critical analysis of plans and their features and also hint at the complexity of finding a right hosting service for managed hosting

The two essential aspects of backups are inclusion of databases and not storing backup on a server that also happens to store site data. Storing backups on a different server improves data safety even if there is a hardware malfunction. 

Additionally, backing up the databases makes great sense in terms of Content Management Systems because you can make sure that all vital data including posts, comments and other customer credentials are provided immunity against possible event of CMS re-installation. 

Understanding unmanaged hosting 

Server management tasks are entirely assigned to users in unmanaged hosting plans and hence it is termed as ‘unmanaged hosting’. It can be compared with Do-It-Yourself projects that require availability of technical prowess since server management as well as installation of software or configuration of operating systems must be managed by the users.

Since the management tasks are assigned to users, unmanaged hosting is remarkably more economical than managed hosting plans. The hosting provider’s support will be limited to running the show by rebooting servers, network maintenance, and replacement of components. Users cannot expect any assistance in terms of software installation, security updates and so forth. 

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The server will have to be essentially managed by users including hardware as well as software components. They will be required to fix technical glitches and configuration of operating systems. It is not surprising that several hosts do not even provide a control panel for server administration. 

Moreover, if at all you choose to seek the support of host to address any issues, then the total expenditure will be enough to nullify your savings. This does not mean that unmanaged hosting offers no benefits at all. 

It is the right option for users who need to exercise total control on the hosting environment. It is designed for users who have required technical expertise and manpower. 

In conclusion 

If you are prepared to pay for enjoying freedom from complex server management or dealing with downtime events, then managed hosting is what you are looking for. Managed hosting providers support website performance by handling routine or emergency server issues and the facilities of automated backups or performance monitoring further boost your website operations. 

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