Managed Website Hosting- A Boon for Small and Medium Businesses

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Majority of enterprises as well as individuals count on website hosting to make sure that, their business sites are easily accessible to visitors from any location on the globe via Internet. Website hosting service providers allocate storage space as well as bandwidth to users. 

Small and medium enterprises need to focus their time and manpower resources for business establishment and growth. In house management of servers and networking equipment can severely impact these resources and company’s overall performance as well. Similarly unmanaged hosting can put excessive burden of day to day server operation as well as maintenance and troubleshooting on IT teams of the organization.

Knowing what you need

Before you select managed hosting to keep your website up and running, you need to assess your hosting needs to design a clearly defined objective for establishing web presence. This will help you understand nature of services that should be offered by web hosting providers. There are multiple categories of web hosting services being offered by service providers and therefore users need have an in-depth understanding their hosting needs. 

One must study various types of web hosting services to choose the most appropriate plan that matches individual hosting needs. Some of the reputed service providers can also offer plans according to the specific requirements of users by way of customization. 

Key attributes of web hosting services

Web hosting service providers are known to offer expert technical assistance, thus minimizing need to appoint web masters for looking after routine monitoring and maintenance of servers and networking equipment. 

Reputed web hosting services facilitate easy access of websites with multiple features such as videos, graphics, animation, or audio files. Website owners can reach out to their prospective clients that may be located in different parts of the globe. 

Web hosting services allow creation of databases that play vital role in sustaining a robust web presence. You can also add various functionalities with help of web hosting providers including e-commerce shopping carts, chat rooms, forums, and e-learning portals to name a few. 

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There are host of additional benefits provided by trusted web hosts. These include e-mail accounts that empower your business communications with domain specific mail addresses. 

Efficient monitoring

Every website must be supported by efficient and round the clock server monitoring for business continuity. It involves uninterrupted server scanning to identify probable failures or any technical glitches that would impact server performance. Server monitoring provides an opportunity to address issues before these could snowball into problems leading to server crash. The process of server monitoring ensures that websites continue to operate without any possibility of downtime. 

Enhanced security

There are multiple precautions that need to be taken to ensure that the server is securely operating. These are updating operating systems, running security audits and frequent virus scans, and configuration of firewall to name a few. Web hosting services are backed by vast experience of carrying out security related tasks and have the appropriate tools and manpower as well. In order to make sure that servers and networking equipment are performing to their fullest, they monitor operating systems and core applications to rule out potential hazards. 

Managing backup and storage

Storage needs of organizations can never remain constant. Business growth, expansion plans, and traffic fluctuations can impact resource requirements including storage. Established service providers of web hosting services possess high end capabilities to make sure that businesses do not suffer due to resource availability. Organizations choose managed storage services to mitigate expenditure required to maintain on site storage facilities. 

Data security is an important factor to prevent any intrusion or hacking attempts. Data loss can lead to irreparable damage to business prospects that may force the business to shut down. Backups are extremely essential to prevent data loss. It is observed that a disaster has potential to cause immense damage to data that can be as high as 50 percent.

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Periodic data backup services ensure that organizations are always prepared to face challenges that can be of manmade or natural origin. Website owners can be assured that their website data storage is maintained efficiently so that they are able to concentrate on business growth. 

Cost efficient services

It is not feasible for small and medium businesses to maintain in-house IT infrastructure that can cost a fortune. In addition to huge capital expenditure, there is also need to hire technical personnel to look after various technical aspects of running websites and maintaining server infrastructure. Website hosting services providers are well equipped with dedicated infrastructure of data center to offer seamless technical support through experienced technical professionals. These technical support executives are available round the clock to resolve any technical issue. Business owners are able to divert their manpower to accomplish more productive work than routine server maintenance. This can improve their bottom line with greater focus on core functions. Incessant uptime guarantee enhances business continuity to improve overall revenue generation. 


Businesses can derive remarkable advantages by choosing managed website hosting services. One must appreciate multiple benefits of managed web hosting in order to get proper understanding of its significance. 

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