Brief Overview of 2016 SEO Trends

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Website creation and subsequent SEO activities for bringing in the streams of visitors is a highly specialized task. The entire process of making a website that draws decent traffic begins by selection of trustworthy hosting service, identification of perfect design for website, adding compelling content and once the website is up and running execution of multiple SEO strategies for attracting visitors.

There are many different approaches to achieve these objectives including appointment of agencies or professionals. It is however significant for you to acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject to ensure that everything is being implemented properly.

The most vital aspect of website creation is Search Engine Optimization because the very purpose of your website of attracting potential as well as relevant visitors entirely depends on this activity. It must be noted that the SEO trends are continuously evolving every year. Let us examine the most important SEO trends of 2016 in order to be current in terms of the latest SEO strategies.

Optimizing websites for smart phones

Evolving technologies have profound effect on the changing SEO trends. It is therefore not surprising that mobile optimization has occupied center stage among all other aspects. It all began with advent and subsequent proliferation of smart phone as the device of choice for growing number of visitors to access websites and web content.

Prior to the year 2015, desktops enjoyed prominence for attracting maximum traffic for search engines. Extensive use of smart phones by Internet users forced major shift in terms the SEO strategy and all websites are now required to implement mobile optimization according to Google’s Mobilegeddon update.

Mobile optimization is being offered by majority of web hosting services as part of hosting packages.

Importance of graphic media

One look around and you will understand that almost every blog or website is including video or image on every page. This explains the importance of adding graphic media as new SEO trend of 2016. Majority of visitors prefer websites that are rich in terms of images, videos, and other media. This does not undermine importance of written content but visual content such as photographs, animations, and videos are equally significant for attracting visitors to your site.

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Growing popularity of social content

Preference of social media by internet users over traditional journalism is an extremely disturbing sign. Social platforms have overtaken traditional sources of news when people need to access the latest happenings. Proliferation of Twitter and Facebook has reduced the relevance of news sites. Every internet user is active on one or another social platform.

Social platforms have been improving with addition of more user friendly feature that has facilitated use of these platforms even on the go. Ease of sharing is one of the most attractive features of these social platforms. It is worth noting that some of the traditional news sites are also considering inclusion of such features in their sites. Users of social media are able to access news that is relevant to them more easily than users of social media.

Many times people are able to read particular news stories on social sites well ahead of traditional news channels. It is therefore not surprising that leading search engines are taking steps to upgrade rankings of search engines by indexing.

Changing trends of searching

You must have noticed the small icon of a mike in Google’s search widow that facilitates voice search. There are basically two approaches for searching on Google. One is a traditional keyword search that needs a bit of typing and the second one is using spoken words as search tool.

People only need to verbally ask Google to search for their favorite subject. If you are in a hurry and are not able to type in your query, then just use your voice to find what you are looking for. Voice search feature is also integrated with couple of virtual assistants.

The new trend of voice search is all set to influence SEO strategies of 2016. If you wish to follow the new trend, then it is recommended to add a voice search feature in your website in addition to typed keyword search. This can be easily achieved with help of add-ons or plugins that help integrate such features.

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Prioritizing apps

One must understand that search engines are always focused on priorities of internet users. You will find that Google will index what is more popular among internet users. It is for the same reason that apps are being attached with great importance by Google and other leading search engines. These popular applications are able to work online as well as offline.

Popularity of apps has forced Google to index these in the same manner as websites are being indexed. This has lead to development and launching of websites’ app versions in order to cash in on the latest trend. This proves importance of apps as one of the most significant armamentarium in SERP wars.


These 2016 SEO trends prove the volatility of search engine optimization. In order to exploit the maximum advantage of these trends to promote your website to higher rank, you can count on professional SEO firms.

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