SEO Tips To Keep In Mind While Switching Servers

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Any time users introduce a major amendment associated with their website, whether it be in their content or the underlying design, they ought to check if their changes have followed the most suitable SEO practices they might already have put in place.

In this post, we lay out many takeaways concerning the switching of servers, how new systems will impact SEO and the way to confirm whether the server switch is sleekly aligned with SEO.

The More Users Modify, The More They Ought To Verify 

If the concerned server hardware is updated, while the server computer code and configuration remains identical to previous settings, there’s probably no SEO-specific problem which will arise (though it’d pay off to examine if added hardware can contribute to improving SEO).

But if users want to modify server settings, there exist relevant SEO checkpoints. Users will even need to carry out creating extra configuration modifications till everything else related to SEO is verified. If users have switched server code before verifying SEO, they will seriously need to think about the points covered in this article.

Don’t Leave Valuable Data And Links Behind

This step of ensuring all things get shifted properly to new server procedures and databases feels like a no brainer, however, once users are faced with repetitive tasks of copying files from one server to the new one, they must check that it copies all data because it becomes easy to slip up and miss some crucial parts. This comprises resources like pictures, downloads, or configuration files – each of which is essential.

  • Be positive that all the hidden files have been reproduced where they need to be.
  • If users have got HTTPS, don’t forget to re-maneuver the HTTPS certificate once the concerned server is updated or switched..

Redirects & Rewrites

Messing up redirects is perhaps the foremost major drawback for SEO while changing things within the server. This drawback is prone to occur once movement of website addresses to different server software is done, mainly for reasons like:

  • The syntax on rewrite rules are different in the new server.
  • Default rules vary between the old and new server.
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Understanding Web Site Speed & SEO

While switching servers, there may be some recursive signals regarding website speed. But having a quicker server is smart for users’ website and SEO metrics, and as a result, it’s vital for the user. Slow servers, timeouts, and refused connections are undoubtedly unhealthy for the user and also unhealthy for SEO. Don’t fret about server speed’s influence on SEO only if the server speed performance is a priority concern for your particular business.

Crawl and Review the New Website & Server

Check if HTTPS standing codes or any of the rest of your data has been modified. It’s easier to maintain SEO if the Google spiders crawl the location before and after the switch so that they replace nothing important in your SEO Hosting info for the new server.

Other Hosting Concerns

  • The location of the new server can assist the users in ranking slightly higher within the search results of nearby users; significantly, users within the same country.
  • Avoid unsafe internet neighborhoods. Major web crawlers do not wish to send their users to certain types of networks that are marked down for spam and malware.


Though it’s mostly a sporadic concern, server changes could impact SEO significantly. Below are the four commonest SEO tips about server switching:

•        The more amount of data and system modified, the more they must be checked for impact on SEO.

•        Check the custom settings, including apparently simple ones like redirects and 404 responses.

•        Crawl and review the website before and after carrying out the changes in the outmoded server.

•        Ensure that you don’t mistakenly block search engines like Google from accessing your website on the new server.

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