Preservation of Your ‘SEO’ Value When Migrating a Website

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The concept of ‘CMS’ migration might be a complex process from the SEO point of view. It is quite critical for any forward-thinking website owner to precisely and quickly shift data, as even a small error might cause loss of revenue and website traffic. The most important issue in the switch to the latest ‘CMS’ is that the respective structure of the various internal links might possibly get corrupted or altered. This mainly occurs because of the fact that every content management system possesses its unique way of link building.

Therefore, let us indulge in a focused look on the connection between the ‘CMS switch’ and ‘SEO’ and discover the best way for overcoming the pivotal challenges regarding ‘website data migration’.

301 Redirect and Its Value

After a website owner or administrator has decided upon migrating their previous website to the latest iteration, there exists a significant need for taking several precautionary steps against data and revenue loss. Utilizing ‘301 redirect’ is one of these steps. Technically, ‘301 redirect’ is a perpetual redirect from the original URL to another ‘redirected page’. During ‘website migration’, website owners must ensure that their various visitors are directed towards the suitable page so that services are uninterrupted, and 301 redirect serves this necessary purpose.

  • Maintain Your Ranking with Google

Getting customer based website pages indexed with Google could be a long process. It takes even longer to profit from unplanned SEO efforts.  When an automated Google bot arrives to crawl their website and discovers various missing pages, there’s a high chance that users might lose their existing ranking. 301 direct could be a key to maintaining search rankings. With the proper support, the Google bot can be made aware of the place where their respective page is located and then assign users’ current PageRank to the new address.

  • Retain Your Visitors
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Informing the Google bot regarding users’ website address changes is very important for maintenance of customers’ original rankings. However, notifying the guests regarding the modified internet address is also necessary in holding the audience. The customers might click their bookmarked or saved links within the address bar on their usual browsers but all they get would be the dreaded 404 error – page not found. Migration strategies should take into account the possibilities of such unfortunate incidents.

During website migration, delivering a good user experience such that the organic traffic from search engines remains steady is important. It’s manageable easily by implementing 301 redirect. In such cases, visitors would be redirected to the latest page address hence would not lose their confidence in the business’s services.

  • Prevent Loss of Backlinks

Without doubt, there exist many websites that have a backlink to the users. These backlinks are a valuable source of traffic that might go to waste unless business owners specify their new uniform resource locator (URL). With the utilization of ‘301 redirect’, the external and back links are going to get retained and users will be able to protect their ranking and traffic levels.

Preserve SEO during Website Migration

Once customers have determined the pros of changing their web site management from the current CMS to a different one, they wish this process of migration to be profitable, precise and rapid. However what’s additionally vital for this is that users have to preserve their SEO potential that they have worked arduously to achieve. Here rises an issue regarding the way to perform migration while not losing traffic and ranking.

  • Do It Yourself

Enabling ‘301 redirect’ on the server is often done by customers but is recommended only in case they have got the specific technical skills and redirection syntax information. Otherwise, the likelihood is that it won’t work. Moreover, lacking insights regarding 301 redirect setup may end up in drop in rankings.

  • Automated Website Migration
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With the usage of a migration service it’s easier to align 301 redirect for the original web site.  Throughout ‘Joomla’, ‘Drupal’ and ‘WordPress’ based migrations, the enlisted extensions, various methods can be utilized. Just verify a ‘301 redirect’ alternative in the respective migration automation wizard and the content alongside SEO info are promptly and reliably moved from their current CMS platform to their new WordPress, Joomla or Drupal web site.

In case users would like to preview the results, then they ought to opt for a Demo Migration. By performing this step, customers would be able to observe the overall look of their new web site and ascertain the best way to migrate so that SEO rankings are preserved.

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