If you do not have a high traffic seeking website as yet, and resources provided in a shared server seem insufficient to serve your purpose, your conundrum could be ended through a silver bullet solution called VPS hosting.

There is a wide range of beneficial services that it offers

-A dedicated server could be very costly and might hamper the bottom line of your business. You could end up paying for the resources that are left unutilized. In a dedicated server hosting, there is a fixed amount that you need to pay. In a growing business, your site might not experience frequent peak loads until your brand is well-established in the market. However, at the same time, you do not want to face congestion because of the limited resources facility in a shared server. VPS solves this problem giving you a smooth service at an affordable price.

-Your site has a unique IP address, memory space, hard disc space, etc. Chances of hackers intervening are minimal. Your site is well secured and protected.

-You have the liberty to install applications, software and do customizations as per your need.

Hence, VPS hosting serves the need of small to medium sized organizations perfectly.