A Well-designed Website Can Add Value to Your Business

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

In the current digital landscape owning a website is no longer an expensive proposition. Rather, it offers businesses an easy and cost effective means to reach out to their intended target audiences. It acts as an extension of their business card, allowing entrepreneurs to interact with visitors, tell them what the business is all about, what they offer, how the offerings will help clients, who behind the screens is and anything that is valuable for their end-users. From mega-cap companies to small-scale businesses and home-based setups, a website has become a part and parcel of an overall business in today’s digital climate.

When it comes to long-term success of a website, potential hosting provider and right search engine optimization (SEO) customarily offer best return on investment. They complement each other and virtually deliver no risk, if only execution is commenced in the approved manner. Many clients get satisfied by merely buying hosting plans forgetting about the next important half of the story – that can either lift up their bottom-line performance, or put them out of the market. However, when your website starts gleaning popularity and attracts more and more traffic, tale can take a twist and your business can greatly suffer in terms of revenue generation. Fine for biggies that could drop a few million dollars without a hitch, but scary for small scale businesses can go completely off the track.Ostensibly, a well-formulated website that provides a clear, succinct message while also being visually pleasing can nail-out their indubitable presence in the market.

Let’s take a look over a number of factors that can jeopardize your online experience regardless of the efforts you put in:

Video Placement and Sound: A recent study reveals that near about 50% of smartphone and tablet users use their devices as second screens while watching television. Subsequently, your potential users might also visit your mission-critical website when commencing other business or household chores. Here is the catch – if you have placed videos on your website, chances that the user gets captivated are merely not as bright when most of the organization are following the same roadmap. With time, some of the clients have understood that automatic video sound turn on can annoy a user that’s why they prefer to launch a video by setting sound to ‘mute’ in its default settings. Users have the privilege to turn on/off the sound. However, don’t rush to place a video on your site without having proper bandwidth and other computing capabilities. Remember, videos can make your page to load in a sluggish manner that can not only spoil end-user experience, but also drops down your search engine ranking results. Not to mention, videos can also lead to device hang up, web browser crash and many other unwarranted issues.

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Content Formatting and Images: Well, counter yourself with a few questions like what exactly a user is going to see on your website when he/she hits your business URL for the first time. Multiple number of images or/and lengthy content? Remember, poor presentation and too much content will hamper your efforts to satisfy your customer experience. As too many images followed by vomit of content will deviate their focus. Herein, incorporating simple and concrete designing efforts will pay off the best results. A well-designed website showcases that you are a professional business with right domain knowledge. Many experts suggest that don’t place too many images on your web page. Place the one that strongly complements your offerings. The content should be formatted in a way that it should be legible to users. In addition to this, choose right colors to present the webpage as a study reveals that the right color have greater chances for conversions.

Content Appropriateness: Content that not truly portrays what products/services you are delivering, fails to fulfill its fundamental purpose. It should be end-user centric. Don’t practice outdated SEO techniques where keyword stuffing remains the top of the mind mantra. No one has enough time to read stories that’s why being precise and pragmatic. Once you are done with the content, ask your colleagues or employees to read it and take the feedback. Ensure that your content covers all the pain points of a business and how your offerings will address them.

Annoying Registrations

Most of the websites forces users to register or enter an e-mail id before allowing them to read the content on their website – trust me this annoy users the most. Well, there is a host of ways to collect user details, avoid going for this way as this will simply push them to turn up to your competitor’s website.

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Many experts demonstrate that being too artistic can frighten the prospective customers away from your business. In order to induce potential customers, one must readily keep in mind that the website they visit must encompass vital information which their end-users may look for, appropriate prices of the products and services should be listed with detailed specification of your work. If a customer fails to find aforementioned information from the landing page of your website, then idea behind creating such eye-catchy websites is worthless.

The same situation proves apt for call to action on your website. Make sure you have not listed the things that you do not offer. This technique might attract visitors for first instance, but leave a bad impression. The user will never turn up to your site again – avoid wrong publicity propaganda.

Last but not the least, covering your website(s) with multiple ads and auto videos displaying on it – not only irritates your users, but often looks tacky.

It’s the time to get serious about your business. Think out of the box and act smart. Embrace new technologies or be ready to face the consequences.

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