Five beneficial ways in to diminish Server Response Time for a WordPress web site

Jul 25,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The page loading speed of any WordPress web site is minimized once the third-party resources are allowed. Together with this, there exist several alternative reasons why various web site loads gradually. It isn’t incorrect for the WordPress customers to suppose that the concerned web site ought to load in exactly couple of seconds and it needs to safe a remarkable rank within the Google search engine outcomes.

However it is an ideal plan to possess a quick-loading guide, although it’s pretty much vital to consider that the server based response time is additionally one in foremost and critical factors which influences the web site pace.

What is server response time?

The server response time (SRT) is technically the quantity of time needed by the net server to reply to a specific browser request. In easy words, SRT is the complete time taken by the particular server to load various HTML files such that the page will be accessed by the guests.

Server Response Time (SRT) is additionally referred to as Time to First Byte (TTFB) which symbolizes the network suspension between the server and also the customer.

Comparative TTFB values:

  • one hundred milliseconds – wonderful speed
  • two- to five-hundred milliseconds – remarkable speed
  • five hundred – one second – average
  • Greater than 1 – poor speed (requires enhancement)

If their hosting server requires an extended time to load several HTML files, then SRT will be immense and this may be a serious issue for their web site.

Reasons to aim for as low a server response time as possible:

Easy for Visitors or readers

With a lesser server response time, their web site can load quicker. A fast loading web site may be a good way to influence the latest guests and guarantee loyalty from the previous ones. If their web site perpetually loads rapidly and also the visitors or readers or users are able to conduct what they need over their web site rapidly, they’ll perpetually opt to utilize their web site rather than the other option. It’s necessary to notice that the server response time of their web site carries an important effect over the customer expertise and also the bounce rate of their web site.

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To protect prime search engine Rankings

There is a possibility to own an impression over their web site’s search engine rankings with a fast loading website. Google additionally doesn’t prefer a really gradual loading web site and it would not index the web site based pages which load at turtle pace. Thus once customer contemplate on-line selling methods to protected ideal rankings, it’s necessary to concentrate to the fundamental facet of their web site and which is web site speed.

To protect chief Conversions

A quick loading web site is going to facilitate in protecting supreme quantity of conversions. If customer is earning via their web site and if their web site loads gradually, it is necessary to repair the low server response time problem rapidly, else a hampered loading web site can hinder their image and the existing users or guests also will leave.
If customer is employed on enhancing the server response time, they will be ready to safeguard smart search engine rankings, possess a loyal user or reader base and in fact there’ll be advancement in their web site performance.

How to diminish server response time with these five helpful methods:

Primarily, it is significant for customer to know regarding the factors which influence the server response time, they are enlisted below:

  • A web hosting interface which is uncertain
  • Traffic spikes
  • Bad server and cache configuration
  • Old PHP version
  • Bloated pages
  • Loads of WordPress plugins installed
  • Pictures not compressed or enhanced

With the several factors aforementioned, there exist numerous facets which might influence the server response time.

Five beneficial procedures by which customers can enhance the server response time (SRT) of their website:

#1 Attain a quick and durable Hosting

Once a guest or client creates a request over their web site, the particular server saves the files as well as resources and suitably it ought to provide a rapid reply to the request. If a large amount of time is consumed by the server for replying to the customer request, it is going to have a bad impact over the web site loading speed and even the whole website performance. Thus it’s highly necessary to go for a powerful, speedy and durable WordPress hosting platform.

In case customers choose any of the managed WordPress hosting packages provided by Go4hosting, users can be certain of attaining the most suitable features such as cloud CDN service, server level caching, caching, fast SSD servers and website backups, server side optimizations, automatic WordPress upgrades and storage. Each of these are significant factors in guaranteeing such that the server response time of their website is quick, various traffic spikes are handled well and their website loads rapidly via which they might promise an amazing customer experience. There exist no requirement for the website owner to possess any basic information regarding maintenance of the server side based functions whose facilitation is offered by Go4hosting.

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It is very crucial to guarantee that their web hosting server is ready for maintaining and implementing the requests which are executed over their website.

#2 Modify the WordPress Database

Modifying the WordPress database is one amongst the foremost simple and helpful methods to attain a much improved server response time. The MySQL information of their WordPress web site keeps each and every information of their web site within a table format. If their web site is recent, then they do not require to modify this particular database. Although, if their web site has been in operation for several years, then the WordPress database may include plenty of data. As a result of there’s an enormous quantity of information kept within the database, the server takes an extended time to operate the customer’s request.

Customer might modify the WordPress database with the utilization of plugins such as WP-SWEEP, WP CLEAN UP OPTIMIZER, WP-OPTIMIZE, WP DBMANAGER and so on so forth. Although, be certain to keep a backup of their WordPress website before they begin updating the WordPress database. It is highly suggested to update the WordPress issues as the hampered implementing questions are reliable for the server speed.

# 3 Usage of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is basically a content distribution network which allows usage of several servers within numerous geographical regions for guaranteeing that the customer requests are provided rapidly, for assuring huge uptime and higher web site performance. Each and every WordPress hosting package offered by Go4hosting includes an incorporated CDN service. The CDN functions by extending the loading duration of the web site. Furthermore to this, Cloud CDN utilizes the gzip compression strategy for minimizing the information size, for decreasing the value of bandwidth and for guaranteeing high-availability.

#4 Restrict the Number of Scripts

One more method to guarantee the website pages load rapidly is modification of the home page scripts for enhancing the server response. The inner and outer scripts of a WordPress website will assist in diminishing the loading pace of the complete website. The web page scripts includes various CSS files as well as JavaScript files and several third party plugins such as widgets, Facebook such as button, live chat application,  along with YouTube embedded video players which function over particular scripts and which can minimize the pace of their website. Except for the scripts which are used in the web pages might assist in enhancing the page load pace and this can result in an advancement in the amount of visits to their blog.

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#5 Update the Images

It is quite true that pictures create the blog look amazing and in fact visually attractive, however it is again correct that if the pictures don’t seem to be modified, they’ll minimize the loading pace of their web site. It’s vital to reduce and update the pictures which are provided on their web site. In WordPress, numerous plugins are out there for modifying the pictures such as WP Smush CW Image Optimizer, Imsanity, EWWW Image Optimizer and so on so forth. Customer will utilize any of the plugin and simply modify the pictures over the web site. Plugins such as WP Smush as well as EWWW Image Optimizer scan the whole web site and diminish the huge and non-updated pictures provided on their web site to a loadable size. Such plugins in fact make sure that loading the size of the picture doesn’t hinder the picture standards.


There exist a huge competition available out there making certain such that their web site loads rapidly is the fundamental essentiality. Moreover to this, they have got place in a very heap of efforts in obtaining their web site to wherever it’s these days and they don’t need to ruin their website’s image by not focusing to its loading time. A quick loading web site won’t just receive suitable search engine rankings however it’ll additionally guarantee a good client expertise.

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