What is AngularJS hosting?

The AngularJS hosting solutions are needed to deploy AngularJS framework which can be used for creating dynamic web applications. It allows web developers to use their HTML text as template language. This framework has been built upon the MVC or Model View Controller concept which is used for all modern web applications. It is also based upon dividing business logic layer, presentation and logic layers into individual sections. This is mainly for making management of these different sections easier.

A benefit of AngularJS hosting is that you will not have to create special codes for binding data to HTML controls. Earlier, to carry out DOM manipulations, you would have to write a lot of codes for designing any app. However, when you use AngularJS, you have to write limited codes. Designers at Google also developed the testing framework or Karma for designing AngularJS application unit tests.

Given the fact that AngularJS is open source, there will be minimal errors. There is no requirement for extra codes to be written in Java in order to keep data in HTML form. All this is taken care of automatically by this framework. It also takes care of routing or shifting from one view to the next which is an important feature for single-page apps. AngularJS will also support testing, including integration testing and unit testing. This shows that Angular JS is a brilliant framework for web developers. This JavaScript framework lets developers enjoy much greater control of their web apps. It is feature-rich framework that can help you add greater value to client-side applications.

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