What is Cloud Communication?

Technology has taken the world to a new level. The Internet has reduced the distances to an extent that people in the different parts of the world can now see and talk with each other through cloud-based communication. This internet-based communication application blends the different communication modalities like voice, video, email, and chat to reduce communication lag.

What is cloud based communication?

It’s a communication method that uses internet connections to initiate communication instead of using a standard PSTN. When you use communication as a service in cloud computing, all your communications work on cloud-hosted technology. 

What is cloud communication platform?

This is a platform that enables developers to integrate voice and calling features into the application in use. Developers use communication APIs to get the work done.

What is cloud communication service?

Cloud Communication is the service provided by the Cloud Service Providers and it is hosted and handled through a cloud by the third party. This has originated with the introduction of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Virtual cloud communication is the branch of cloud communication, which refers specifically to voice communications.

Cloud Communication Providers

Cloud communications providers provide communication services through servers owned and maintained by them. These services are then accessed by the customers, through the cloud. The customers can just pay for the services used by them. 

The service providers also offer different communication resources from the storage and the servers to enterprise applications like email, data recovery, backup, voice, and security. The hosting environment provided by the cloud is easily available, scalable, flexible, immediate, and secure.

Some of the application and communication products that can be used by an enterprise and are available under cloud communications include Private branch exchange, call center, text messaging, SIP Trunking, Voice broadcast, Call tracking software, contact center telephony, interactive voice response, and fax services. 

All these services include different communication required of an enterprise. These comprise intra- and inter-branch cloud to cloud communication, customer relations, interdepartmental memos, call forwarding, conference, and tracking services and operations center.

Cloud communications are essential for enterprises as it is the center for all communications, which are managed, hosted, and maintained by the third-party service providers. The enterprise has to pay the fees for these services offered to them.

What are the typical communications used in cloud computing?

There are two types of communication used in cloud computing-

  • Internet-based voice
  • Data communication 

Is cloud communication better than other conventional communications?

Cloud communication is independent of your network signal and works either entirely or partially over the internet. As businesses continue to work remotely, cloud communications become more and more popular.

Conventional communication systems depend on the prevalent network strength but VoIP does not. There is more flexibility on a cloud network than on a conventional network system.

Why is cloud communication important?

Cloud communication is important because it conveys a lot of benefits to companies –

Cost benefits – cloud communications reduce business running costs. Ideally, when the number of employees in a firm is less, outsourcing communications can help save costs.

Accessibility and flexibility – in-house hardware might not offer as many features as third-party services unless you are okay spending a huge amount on advanced hardware.

What is meant by cloud storage?

It’s a cloud computing model that uses the Internet to store data. A cloud service provider manages the entire work from hosting to securing and maintenance. Users will access to their files and data via a public or private network connection, depending on their selection. 

What do cloud services mean?

Cloud services like cloud communication or cloud computing mean- any business process or operation that has been hosted in third-party remote locations rather than your own infrastructure. From technical standpoints, you will get as many features as you do in an in-house service but at a lower cost.

How does cloud phone work?

Based on the concept of cloud communication, cloud phones can be simply plugged into an IP or connected to the internet to enable you to receive calls. When the allotted phone number is dialed, it is first connected to the central cloud server which then relays it to your phone via the internet. It is necessary to understand that most cloud phones work via the internet and without the need for active cellular networks.

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