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What is Control Panel?

Control panel refers to the Windows graphical user interface that lets users view and use the system settings through applets, like enabling them to add hardware and software, delete software, control user accounts and edit accessibility options. So, the control panel is essentially a software module designed for carrying out management and administrative tasks and to offer access to some software features.

How does the control panel work?

The control panel has been made to configure and administer the different aspects of Windows such as the functions of the mouse and keyboard, setting passwords and power options, desktop backgrounds, display settings and audio settings, software and hardware options, setting up and deleting programs, speech recognition, parental controls etc. The panel comprises of multiple individual components or applets. So, using the control panel is more like using the applets for modifying ways in which certain functions of Windows are carried out. The panel is therefore essentially a part of the Windows operating system allowing users to set and modify settings of the system or controls. You will find examples of hardware control panels in keyboards and mouse, display etc and software control panels such as Date and Time, Fonts, Power Options, Administrative Tools etc.

While most control panels are part of Windows operating system, others may be set up using third party applications. When you install a new mouse for instance in the computer, it may carry with it a CD to set up control panels specific to that mouse. There are graphic cards too which may install additional controls for giving users more control over the machine’s visual settings. No matter where the control panel is set up, you will find them located in the Control Panel folder.

What benefits can you enjoy with a control panel?

    • When you have a control panel, you do not need software that may unnecessarily clutter your computer. The cPanel for example will let you access a website from anywhere in the world using a browser. You can then upload and download system files depending on your needs. It is fast and efficient and most importantly, space-saving.

    • Compared to traditional terminals, the control panel is preferable because of the statistical tools it offers. These will help you stay informed about those who access your website, their locations and the duration for which your site is being accessed.

    • It is easy to install software with a control panel. You can therefore add, delete and edit web applications seamlessly. For instance, you can easily add forums and shopping carts, image galleries and billing software and even CMS like WordPress.

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