What is Remote Desktop Services?

Remote Desktop Services, or simply (RDS) is a comprehensive term for various specific features of Microsoft Windows Server, allowing users to access desktops and Windows based applications remotely. In the earlier version of Windows Server 2008, RDS was known as Terminal Services. Remote Desk,top services is Microsoft’s implementation of thin client ( a computer or program that depends heavily on another computer or its server to accomplish its computational tasks) wherein Windows software are accessible to a remote client machine, compatible with Remote Desktop Protocol.

With RDS technology, only software user interfaces are transferred to the client system, thereafter the input from the client machine is transmitted to the server, where server execution process takes place. The components involved in Remote Desktop Services are:

Remote Desktop Gateway: It provides connectivity to virtual desktops and remote app programs over the internet.

Remote Desktop Connection Broker: If a user loses the connectivity, the connection broker component allows user to re-establish the connection without lacking the virtual desktop’s state.

Remote Desktop Licensing: It tracks license usage for your RDS deployment.

Remote Desktop Session Host: This component allows a server to host session-based desktops or RemoteApp programs.

Remote Desktop Web Access: It allows users to access remote desktops or application either through browser or start menu.

Remote Desktop Virtualization Host: It is responsible to hosts virtual desktops.

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