What is Different Between Enterprise CMS vs Open Source CMS?

Wide range of CMS software is available in the market. So, it becomes very important to differentiate between these content management systems so that you can get a clear view on the same. Here, for simplification reasons differentiation is being done between open source CMS and enterprise CMS applications.

Enterprise CMS Applications

It is perfect for use by the large corporations and enterprises. This is because of the fact that they need more control on branding and at the same time enhanced flexibility as well as reliable support on a priority basis. It has been seen that the design as well as development firms have developed highly advanced CMS applications that are based on the model of open source development for meeting the needs of their clients in a better manner.

Open Source CMS Applications

Wide array of Open Source CMS Applications are available. Everyone of these CMSs have their own strong points as well as features. 3 most popular CMS applications are Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.

WordPress – It is one of the most simple to use CMS Blog application available. You can install it easily and also manage the same very easily. Users prefer it because of the straightforward administration, on one hand, and availability of various kinds of ready-to-go templates. It is basically a blog software and is not easy to customize even by advanced developers.

• Joomla – It is known for its user friendliness and you can install it very easily. It comes with easy-to-install feature along with straightforward administration as well as availability of ready-to-go templates. However, its features, design, and functionalities are not easy to customize.

Drupal – When it comes to installation and management of Drupal, it is not an easy one. In fact, the administration panel is not much user friendly. However, it is highly customizable in nature. Only a highly advanced programmer is capable of using this more advanced framework for design/feature/functionality customisation.

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