What is Hippo CMS?

Hippo CMS is a Java based open source CMS that can be used to create, control and deliver engaging content. The CMS allows the webmasters to connect to their visitors and serve them high quality and relevant content and ensure they do not walk away. The content editors can create the content and publish it across all channels like websites, mobile sites, digital magazines, social media sites, mobile apps and others.

Another feature that Hippo CMS offers is that it allows the web masters to create new channels and configure existing page templates with its Template Composer and Channel Manager tools. It also offers Relevance module by which precise content can be targeted towards certain specific audience by analyzing the user behavior and their personal history and background in their enterprise level flavor.
Hippo CMS comes in two flavors. One is the Community Edition that is available under Apache 2 license and the other is the Enterprise edition that offers many premium features like Relevance, Reporting etc. The latest version of the Hippo CMS is the 11.0GA. The Hippo CMS is an ideal platform for the websites to understand what type of content engages the visitor and deliver them their desired content.

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