What is Intel Virtualization Technology?

Intel Virtualization Technology was a series of enhancements that were added to Intel hardware servers and client platforms to provide software-based virtualization solutions to users. Intel VT allows a platform to run multiple operating systems and applications in independent partitions. Using this technology, you can allow one computer system to function and operate as multiple virtual systems.

Those who have used Virtual 8086 (V86) mode can tell that it uses the same virtualization technology that was available with the 386 processor. The mode allows you to create multiple 8086 virtual machines to implement and run DOS-based programs while each one functions in a completely separate computer. Using this technology, you can run several virtual machines for operating systems. 

Using virtualization, businesses can scale anywhere within a hybrid cloud on-premise or off-premise, self-provisioning, and orchestrating resources at will. 

Businesses can gain immense benefits by using virtualization in terms of operations and capital. Through virtualization, you can utilize your server capabilities and practice resource allocation management, security, isolating the workload, and automatization. 

Developers, consumers, and companies alike can take advantage of all the powerful computing of their hardware processors by dividing them into logical processors and assigning them to several virtual computers or operating systems.

It has been observed that a wide range of solution developers and hypervisor vendors have been using Intel virtualization technology. Today, the virtualization technology is serving a large pool of customers who are getting benefitted from its extensive features and benefits. 

This virtualization technology currently has three more forms in its portfolio. 

They are: 

  1. CPU Virtualization
  2. Memory Virtualization
  3. I/O Virtualization

So, if you haven’t tried the virtualization technology yet, try it out now. You will be amazed by the benefits it comes with.

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