What Is Open ERP?

Open ERP or Open source ERP is an enterprise resource planning software whose source code is made available freely to enterprises without any restriction.

The open source definition allows organizations to access ERP system’s code and tailor it using their in-house IT resources instead of paying extra for vendor customization services and licensing.

An Enterprise Resource Planning system helps a company in integrating its key business operations.

It enhances the coordination between key entities, streamlines workflows and process and plays a key role in improving customer service.

ERPs by being flexible leverage adaptable processes that support diversification strategies and ensure quick responses to constantly shifting business needs.

The leading proprietary ERP systems in the industry are SAP and Oracle. But new players have emerged offering similar capabilities and interestingly they are open source.

Open ERP is gaining in popularity and importance among companies as they perceive it to offer competitive advantage.

One of the compelling advantages of Open source ERP is flexibility, cost savings, vendor independence and efficiency.

Small and medium businesses that cannot afford pricey proprietary products are finding Open Source ERP very useful because they need not pay large licensing and support fees.

Open Source ERPs have acquired the necessary capabilities to make them attractive even to large companies.

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