What is Open WGA?

Open WGA is a Java- based open source enterprise content management system. It is a dual-licensed web application development platform and offers a tiered document repository which users can access through a Java API and JSP tag library-based Open template engine.

Open WGA is developed by a German web content vendor called Innovation Gate Gmbh and the present stable release is the v7.2 released in August 2016.

Open WGA comes in both free and enterprise edition. The free community version is licensed under GPL3 while the Enterprise edition is sold on a per-server yearly subscription. The premier licensed customers have the advantage of getting free Open WGA Runtime support along with consulting services and developer support.

The templates are written in the Web Template Markup Language (WebTML) which runs on the HTML instead of Java or any new markup set. Some of the additional features of the enterprise Open WGA include Access logging to MySQL, repository connectors for IBMs, Oracle, Lotus Domino, MSSQL etc.

The one major difference of Open WGA from the other CMS platforms is that users do not have to fill forms or handle folders while creating content.  These are automatically processed and allows the users to work even if they are not technically skilled.

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