What is OpenCMS?

OpenCMS is a website based CMS (content management system) developed and distributed by Alkacon Software. It is an open source CMS sold under the LGPL license and written in Java and XML technology.  It is designed to help content managers build and maintain elegant and efficient websites. OpenCMS makes it easier for the user to manage their intranets, extranets or websites without much of technical assistance. The browser based CMS software comes with features like asset management, user management, content versioning, proxying of requests, workflow management and WYSIWYG editor.

OpenCMS is a perfect cost-effective alternate solution to the high-end expensive commercial applications. The software can fit into the needs of businesses of all sizes. It does not require any license to be purchased. Users get complete access to the source code which allows them to configure and make any amendments and alteration that they find suitable to their needs. OpenCMS has a vast development community that is always available with support. There are many organizations across the world that provide trainings, project assistance and consulting services.
OpenCMS was initially created in 1999 and its first version was released in 2000.The latest version is the OpenCMS 10.0 released in March 2016 and comes with vastly improved new features and performance capabilities.

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