What is a Video Content Management System?

With more and more content being presented via videos, storing, managing and sharing huge numbers of video files has become a gargantuan task for organizations all over the world. And that too, without hampering the bandwidth in any way possible. Here’s where a Video Content Management System (VCMS) comes in handy.

This is a software program that allows companies to manage and deliver videos online while centralizing them. This works from the start to end – from video ingestion and transcoding right up to tailor-made video experiences and recommendations.

The old-world, traditional content management systems just aren’t geared for managing videos. A VCMS helps to sort, manage and organize the entire video library in a jiffy. Some systems even offer features such as batch editing and drag and drop playlists.

Most such systems cover a large range of needs. Here’s what a VCMS allows the user to do:

  1. Label your videos with the standard descriptive fields.
  1. Create customized metadata for unique identifiers.
  1. Keep your videos organized by playlists or even smart playlists that use tags to automatically organize the files.
  1. Create accounts for different groups.
  1. Organize assets in folders.
  1. Pull groups of videos to display them in video players.
  1. Push videos into playlists.

With a VCMS in place, the user can control schedules easily. Also, they can restrict access to their videos by geography or IP address. That would allow them to keep unauthorized access to their videos at bay.

In case of the cloud, with a GUI in place the user can easily access VIDEO cloud from anywhere in the world at any time and on any device.

Advantages of Video Content Management System –

1.Ability to store heavy media content

2.Optimized video content delivery

3.Multi-level security

4.Improved video performance

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