How Media Businesses Can Best Benefit from Cloud Computing

Feb 17,2021 by Nishant Nath

Posted by Akriti Sharma

Questions which might come up as why we must use Cloud Computing:

1 How can media companies cope up with day-to-day advancing innovation?
2 How to have competitive advantage over new players in the market?
3 Cloud consumption models are used to provide solutions to media organizations? 

4 Cloud computing in media and entertainment industry?

Reasons for the innovation: 

•  Cloud computing offers faster time to reach the common masses. 
•  Increment in sales by having enhanced exposure to content.
  It helps in decreasing the labor, inventory, and capital costs significantly. 
  It provides a faster, fresher content that is identified and forwarded to the targeted set of customers.
•  Protection of the assets by using encrypted communication of content.
•  Enhanced analytics for pricing support and taking placement decisions. 
•  Separate portals are present for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) to have enhanced customer experience.
•  New Content helps in building up of cloud computing.


Economic Pressure is the major reason of companies changing their way of doing business. So there is an increased focus on the Cloud computing for enhancing the digital supply chain system by addition of the managing the services to reduce expenses. 

The Cloud Computing is the new way of cost optimization for many organizations. Rather than large organization, Small to medium enterprises have more benefits of using cloud Computing technology. The Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are more likely to actually outsource their content storage and content processing than the very large media companies since it is difficult to increase capital and operating expenses.

Features of Cloud Computing:

•  By the usage of cloud computing, the media companies have developed newer and innovative ways of content management and delivery to reach to targeted customers well.
•  It helps in faster reduction of costs associated with hardware set ups.
•  It brings complete technologies, services, and growing business partners on one platform for creation of business values and delivering real time solutions.
•  Cost is one of the major reason of switching to the cloud computing.
•  Higher sense of satisfaction has been seen within the cloud computing users once they have installed the complete set-up.
•  Major reason of opting for Cloud Computing is lower costs, lower entry barriers, higher mobility and scalability.
•  Security is one of the prime concern for users not to adopt Cloud Computing.
•  Cloud has come up as a relevant business practice which includes the content management and distribution effectively within the system.

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Mix and Match concept: As per this concept any content present on internet is not new. Actually, the cloud-based technology of content management enables the customers to use huge amount of digital data present on internet in newer ways.

 Cloud Computing services provides the users effective scenarios:

•  End user-to-cloud: Here the customers have complete access to content by pay-per-use method.
  Enterprise-to–cloud-to-end user: Here the Content is saved in the private cloud and pushed by the subscribing consumer.
•  Enterprise-to-cloud: The Content distribution and consumer behavior analytics is present in the cloud for integration along with the Cloud system.
•  Enterprise-to-cloud-to-enterprise (digital supply chain): Here companies collaborate on the companies easily mix up the content.
•  Private cloud: An enterprise-hosted private cloud which is outsourced and managed by an external team.
•  Hybrid cloud: It has features of both private cloud and public cloud.

Cost focused Business value model:

•  Lower IT Operating and Capital Costs.
•  Shift from a Capital Investment to operating Expense Model
•  Standardization of Applications across the Service Process Model.
  Removing the IT Complexity from End users.
•  Fine Grained IT services and faster provisioning. 

Transformed business strategy for driving Cloud Computing well:

•  Cloud Computing offers business innovation for complete management of the system.
  It offers a lowered Cost ownership of the complete system.
•  It offers an optimized technology investment for your business.
  Global presence of the resources in system.
  It offers a real-time content and data sharing with the users.

The Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has an increased and enhanced way of handling the addressed issues within the media reach to have a cost-effective and optimized solution. The SOA is the perfect architecture for managing cloud based services which run on any system that actually help them in functioning of inside or outside the organization.

An SOA allows you to manage and use the services which create a “situational” application system for having an enhanced business agility.

SOA has three fundamental features:

•  Open standards: SOA has fixed way of managing web services that allows to access services across boundaries of network. Messaging protocols (SOAP), other protocols actually includes the HTTP, HTTPS, JMS for providing higher security of Web Service.

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•  Integration: It has an integrated system with system-independent and application independent architecture for running the complete business.

•  Virtualization: Here in SOA the services are invoked by service managers for having details of various business scenario.

Cloud based computing easily allows the organizations to manage the business processes for cloud. The cloud computing has benefits of on-demand services and scalable IT computing.
Cloud computing along with SOA is best combination.  As the cloud is an architectural instance by using SOA the cloud computing becomes efficient, cost-effective cloud platform.

The Digital supply chain Model for evolution of Media Clouds by Cloud Computing: It is done by digitization of content for creation of newer digital supply chain.

•  Building up of digital archives by converting the analog assets to digital assets.
•  It helps in storage of assets with management across various segments of businesses.
•  Development of the strategy for enterprises which is applicable across the industry.
•  Protection of the assets by usage of encrypted communication and content.
•  B2B and B2C has separate portals to enhance customer experience
•  Support complete subscription and pay-per-view model.
•  An enhanced control over the content delivery on cloud.
  Integration of enterprises and backend systems for business growth.

Major reason for building up the archive:

•  Archives here have lower risk to manage cloud computing across the retailers.
•  Usually media companies store copies of their assets but few manage the disaster management of system for the private cloud working.
  Usually, there is a hybrid of analog and digital content on one archive.
  Media companies can easily develop data strategy for having higher control over demands and events.

Applicability of various Cloud Computing Models in Media and entertainment industry:

Each content deployment model has different level of content protection. Digital archive can be easily managed on the on-site and private cloud functioning. It has a customized and complete sophisticated requirements of the Solution:

•  Private clouds are highly better than the  cloud hosting because it wells well in closed controls.
  Public clouds are much better than huge amount of content moderation for consumers present over the Internet space.
•  Hybrid clouds are highly useful for the content management and managing of the workflows for having continuous digital supply chain.

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Features of Media Industry for managed Cloud Computing deployment model:

•  Business models: It offers the complete preservation of assets, Pre-production of the research, preview of archived content, and repurposing of preserved content.

•  Benefits:  It Strongly controls the content and business systems to save against the manipulating content and have complete continuity of information.

•  Assets: he Content here is likely to be used as per both the models as: analog and digital model. The latest content present here is in digital formats and is quite easy for management.

•  Business activities: You need to create baseline or balanced scorecard. The value of enterprise model helps in getting the costs associated with it. It has proper content auditing and activity that is based on analysis of costs.

•  Technical activities: It helps in digitizing, encryption and management of the catalog. 

•  Critical decisions: The content posted here has the team members for managing critical data of the cloud storage system.

Summary of Media Cloud evolution:

The media cloud computing companies regularly continue to adopt clouds services, and the cloud provider business continues to grow and mature. There are also few risks involved with Cloud computing in media and Entertainment as copying of the content, revenue being lost, reusing the content in many ways. It can actually impact the potential risks and further issues on brand of an organization. It helps in:

  Cloud Computing has enhanced digital supply chain system with use of archive for cloud storage.
  It offers the Pilot cloud project by managing the issues and using benefits of cloud for technology impact.
•  Media Cloud computing performs complete security assessment, whether someone owns a private cloud or has completely managed services working in private cloud. One can easily    access the security of system. 
  You can learn cloud computing from other industries also as Retail, healthcare, banking and education sector.
•  Identification of integrations which are complex, not all integration work system is equally created by simple integration.
•  Storage assessment and strategy has value of cloud services that is based on the IT application and requirements which easily stores the data volumes along with the latency needs and specifications.

Cloud Computing along with the Go4hosting helps in offering a secured, managed and reliable business opportunity for Media and Entertainment Indu

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