How to Build a Website with Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting?

The requirements initially required before we start building up a website on Alibaba cloud Web hosting:

a) For having a Website which is built with the Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting process one needs to have an initial FTP- (File transfer protocol-a network protocol that actually transfers data between computer and the server).
b) All the existing files should be uploaded on your own website.

Step 1- Now you need to purchase a Web Hosting Product-

1. Here first you have to open your website browser and then pay a visit to the link.
2. As soon as you reach the web page there is a requirement of language change option. Further you can select the option termed as Buy Now for initiating the purchase process.
3. There are number of options and out of the various requirements offered such as Version, Data Center and operating system, you can actually select the top one as per your own choice.
4. Once the Subscription Plan Duration choice gets completed effectively, then you as a user must opt for the Buy Now option to carry forward the process well.
5. After this you land up to page of Alibaba Cloud Management Console. Here you need to enter the required details of login to further proceed.
6. Once the selection of Review the order is done, now select the Place Order once the confirmation status is achieved from the web page.
7. Then, you will land up to the matching page in order to complete the process.
8. Once done with these selections you will be taken to the payment option tab.
9. As soon as the payment process is completed successfully, your purchase process of the whole package of Alibaba is done effectively.

Step 2: The FTP credentials are now obtained by the user:

1. Once the credentials are received you return to the console so as to check that purchased Alibaba Hosting product has been received by you as a customer.
2. Now one needs to click on the web hosting icon present in the tab of Domains & Websites section.
3. After this you need to click on the option which says Manage and later you can click on the settings of related hosted web page.
4. After reaching the settings tab, after this you need to go to the file management on the left-hand panel of the page and here you will be required to select the working site of your account which needs to be uploaded.
5. On the page which has option of uploading the site is the place where you are actually required to upload the files along with the details of the FTP or details of resetting the password for the FTP login.

Step 3: Now after this you need to have upload process for the files using FTP:

1. We have already completed the login process now we can manage by the use of an FTP client. This can be achieved by using the Filezilla as one of our FTP client present.
2. Now you need to open the Filezilla option, and after opening this you need to click on the related Username, and using the Password that has been obtained from the Web hosting console to have a Quick net connection.
3. After this you are required to make confirmation of the Certificate present. After this select OK for proceeding further.
4. Once confirmed you get connected to the Filezilla and now fully the hosted sites can be accessed.
5. After this uploading of the codebase in HT folder is done also HTML files which are static in nature gets uploaded here.
6. After landing up on the web hosting page you actually need to reach the instance Details option.
7. After this a test name is given by Alibaba Cloud. It is present only for testing purpose.
8. Once you have reached on the test domain, a pop up will emerge for verifying the details of login and accepting all the prompts for going further.
9. You need to Accept all the prompt tab and then proceed further.
10. Once you have completed the process of confirmation you will be guided to the home page you present on the host website. It searches for the index.php and default.html as the default pages.

Step 4: Now you can Put Your Website on the Online platform:

1. For hosting a live website there has to be a binding action between website and the Alibaba Cloud Server. You need to return to console and select the add-on domain on left panel.
2. You need to enter your particular domain name by binding it along with test domain name by just clicking on OK.
3. After this process is complete the current resolution status actually remains uncertain as we know domain of your particular preference is not managed at DNS level.
4. Then you need to refer to the actual domains name by changing your domain name to the * using CNAME. As soon as the completion process is done, we get the resolution status as Resolute and fixed.
5. While you are checking you need to do selection of your particular domain name so as to get access to the Websites Homepage.

Congratulations! After this complete process you have made a complete website with the help of our specific feature of Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting!

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