How can you Use a Word Press Instance on the Alibaba Cloud?

Feb 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav
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This Explanation helps us in a way to get a completely clear understanding about the smooth working of the internet server which is running on the Alibaba Cloud Ubuntu fourteen.04.

About WordPress

The WordPress is globally most appreciated, praised and liked Content Management Systems (CMS) which can manage the on-line blogs and websites effectively. The WordPress has witnessed an unbelievable user method of working since years. It is actually a widely accepted alternative for obtaining an internet site and working, functioning smoothly. The Word Press helps in permitting you to make an internet web site which has a MySQL backend with the PHP process running simultaneously.
Getting prepared
Before you can actually begin the Word press document, you are required mandatorily for completing a series of important steps for working and putting together on your server. You will be required to initially produce a non-root user along with the privileges. Then you have to a consider the technologies such as the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) by managing the complete stack work.

Installing the WordPress in the system:

Let us understand a steady way of installing the WordPress on the Alibaba Cloud:

Step 1: The Launch of a Linux instance is done along with ECS. Execution of the following steps along with the Alibaba Cloud ECS instance for Linux is done:

• You are required to Login to your existing account by the Alibaba Cloud Management Console, use the link: (
• Once you have logged into the system you will actually be taken through the dashboard for completing the function.
• Here you will be Navigating through the command ‘Elastic Compute Service’ which is categorized under the ‘Products as well as their services’ section.
• Now select the ‘Instances’ that is dominantly working in the left menu bar of the Instances dashboard.
• Once the instance gets on the row go for opting a payment method that is preferred as per your needs and the requirements. You can also choose to decide whether opting for a Starter Package or the Advanced Purchase.
• Choice of the Datacenter Region along with the Zone which has a complete availability for launching up your ECS instance.
• We have a category stated as ‘Choose Instance Type’ here the selection of the Generation has to be done effectively.
• Various Generation categories are offering you a unique configuration system that has in it worthy computing abilities.
• Choice of server is done, Choose the Ubuntu server or another Linux server image for launching the Linux server on the platform.
• The password setting up for your server security is done by fixing up a password that is fixed by the system. You can also choose the password or later set it by use of the Management Console.
• The overview check has to be done by the purchase configuration of your server, then you are required to click on the Activate option for making the confirmation and further launching up your server services.
• You have now launched the process of instances that appears across the Launch instances.

Step 2: Creation of a new MySQL Database and the existing User for the Word Press launch

The Alibaba Cloud Products: The Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS Word Press makes a mandatory point for checking, working, functioning and managing the sites with the user data. We will be using the SQL for the blog in a closed environment so that the usage of the Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS works completely. The online database for setting up the on-demand database service that actually helps you in freeing from the managerial work of data management. Alibaba Cloud Products makes you more comfortable with a lot more time for focusing on the issues of most importance for the business. The ApsaraDB for RDS is a complete handy package that provides privileges of functioning along the technologies of the MySQL and the SQL Server.

We know that the MySQL is completely engrossed in the system the only requirement is creation of a list of data users for the WordPress. Log into the MySQL root account by using commands by initially starting on the system. The password has to be logged into the MySQL root account which was fitted initially at the fixation of the software system set-up. Once the password is entered, a technology as MySQL shell is provided to you.

Let us now do creation of a data list for the WordPress:

• To work upon your new data, you are required an exclusive MySQL account for the user. Here makes an account system which works to have a secured outlook for working.
• We name the new account as the “word press user” and we will be actually assigning it a “password” in the column given. The prices for your user and password column has to be fixed appropriately and intelligently.
• Make a new database account by the use of the word press system.
• Once the privileges have been set, you are required to use the “exit” option for next management out from the MySQL.

Step 3: For Downloading the WordPress on your system

• You are required to complete the downloading for the running Word Press files from website of your project.
• A completely dense and compressed files are then archived with the data contents of the Word Press. Further the demand creates a “Word Press” document here.

Step 4: The complete Configuration of the WordPress is done:

• We are required to accomplish the complete process even before we have set up the system and run it.
• We must initiate by simply transferring data to WordPress directory. Use of a sample configuration which is actually mixing with system configuration.
• Fix the setting by the name DB_NAME, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD for connecting and authenticating.

Step 5: Here you need to move the copied Files to Root document file by fixing the document root location is /var/www/html/.

Step 6: Complete Installation by the Web Interface.

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