How can you Use a Word Press Instance on the Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud

This explanation will help get a completely clear understanding about the smooth working of the internet server running on the Alibaba Cloud Ubuntu vps server fourteen.04.

About WordPress installation on Alibaba Cloud 

The WordPress is globally most appreciated, praised and liked Content Management Systems (CMS) which can manage the on-line blogs and websites effectively. WordPress helps curate content on the internet through a website with simple drag n’ draw function and is predominantly run with PHP and MySQL backend.

Getting started with WordPress installation on Alibaba 

Alibaba Cloud

There are certain prerequisites before you can actually begin parsing the WordPress extension. To begin with, you need to configure a non-root user with necessary administrator-level privilege. Depending on the technology you use, you may be required to either grant full or partial access.

Installing the WordPress in the system:

Step 1: First, Linux droplets are launched along with necessary ECS instances. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Login to your existing account by the Alibaba Cloud Management Console, use the link: ( The Alibaba cloud dashboard will now appear on the screen.
  • Navigate through the command ‘Elastic Compute Service’ which is categorized under the ‘Products as well as their services’ section.
  • Now select the ‘Instances’ that is dominantly working in the left menu bar of the Instances dashboard.
  • Once the instance gets configured, set up a payment method that best fits your use case. You can configure either the Starter Package or the Advanced Purchase.
  • Choose the datacenter region closest to your consumer base. Make sure the ECS instance is available in that very region.
  • Click ‘Choose Instance Type’ to toggle the machine type.
  • Choose Ubuntu or any other Linux OS as your preferred OS.
  • The system initially sets all passwords itself. You can change the same later from the Management Console provided.

Your instances are now ready for launch. Click the Launch button at the bottom of the menu and your droplet shall go live instantly.

Step 2: Creation of a new MySQL Database and the existing User for the Word Press launch

Login to the MySQL root account from the command line interface. Next, type in your password and let the system allow you access to the MySQL root account that was at the fixation of the software system set-up.

Step 3: Creation of data list for WordPress:

  • To work upon your new data, you are required to have an exclusive MySQL account for the user.
  • We have named the new account as “WordPress user”. In the column right next to it, we have also assigned it a relevant “password”.
  • Make a new database account using the WP system.
  • Once the privileges have been set, use the “exit” option for next management out of MySQL.

Step 4: Downloading the WordPress on your system

  • Download the running WordPress files from the website of your project.
  • A completely dense and compressed files are then archived with the data contents of the Word Press.

Step 5: Configuring the WordPress for Alibaba Cloud:

  • The cloud instances are to be configured even before we have deployed and initialized the system.
  • We must initiate a simple transfer of files to the WordPress directory. Use the available sample configuration to expedite the process.
  • Finalize the configuration by setting up the DB_NAME, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD for connecting and authenticating.

Step 6: Move the copied Files to Root document file with directory /var/www/html/.

Step 7: Complete Installation by the Web Interface.


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