How to increase your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN?

What many websites fail to understand is that slow loading speed is the biggest mistake a website owner can make. Slow-loading websites can lead your website to lose up to 40% of visitors, which can affect a major part of your revenue. 

So if you are a website owner and haven’t performed the speed run on your website yet, you must do it now. In case your website loading speed is more than 3 minutes, you should think of ways to optimize your website and improve its loading speed. 

Well, the first and the foremost way to do it is to switch to an efficient Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution. By implementing a CDN solution, you can enhance the speed of distribution of your content across different locations. CDNs reduce latencies while increasing data transfer rates.

Before we move on to understand how you can boost your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN, let’s first understand about Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? 

Content delivery networks (CDNs) can deliver content from the nearest server to users, accelerating the response to requests and resulting in an increased response rate. Additionally, CDNs fix server performance, traffic, and distribution issues that cause latency problems. In addition to site acceleration, on-demand streaming, and live streaming, CDNs have been used in multiple scenarios.

If you are looking for an efficient CDN network, Alibaba Cloud CDN makes for a perfect choice. It will not just fasten up your website’s loading speed but will also benefit your business in various ways.   

How can Alibaba Cloud CDN increase the speed of your website?

Cloud CDNs from Alibaba are among the best options available for optimizing websites for speed so that they load within milliseconds. There are over 2,800 nodes across the globe and a bandwidth capacity of up to 120 TBPS. Instead of delivering content directly from the server, a CDN helps you deliver it from the closest edge location. This results in prompt responses to user requests and a high website speed.

You can easily speed up your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN. All you need to use is the Alibaba Cloud Management Console. 

Step 1- Go to the Alibaba Cloud main dashboard after you sign in. 

Step 2- You can find Alibaba Cloud CDN under the Products & Services section.

Step 3- After completing the payment information, the confirmation page will appear, where you can choose between Pay-by-Bandwidth and Pay-by-Traffic. Select activate after you have made your selection.

Step 4- Choosing the CDN domain name list from the left-hand section of the page will take you to the following page.

Step 5- You can add a new domain by clicking on the Add New Domain button at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 6- Next, you will need to fill out the basic information. Choose from multiple drop-down menus and enter the appropriate information.

Step-7 After completing the steps, click on the Verify button. This will result in your status being Saved Successfully.

Step-8 The system will review your CDN domain and then add it to the list. After this, you will receive a confirmation. Click the Configure now button after adding the domain to make any changes to the configuration.

Step 9- Go to the list of CDN domain names to see if your domain name has been added. You can locate your domain name on this page. Your website will show Running here as soon as you click on it. You can then manage the domain as per your preference.

With Alibaba Cloud CDN, you can easily boost your website speed.

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