How to host a website for beginners- locally and/or publicly?

One of the major concerns for most website owners is- what if their website goes down or just disappears. Backup is something that they keep on worrying about. So, if you are a business owner who wants to host their website or applications should consider cloud hosting

Almost all major businesses these days consider Cloud hosting as the most secure and safe option to host their website. It comes with features that no other hosting solution can promise to your business. The biggest advantage is that it allows you to access the website from any place you want. 

But with so many cloud hosting solutions available in the market, it becomes a challenge to think who to pick and who to drop. 

To help you out below we are listing some steps on how to choose the right cloud hosting plan for your business: 

  1. Reliability 

Even though the market is flooded with plenty of cloud hosting solution providers and plans, you must pay attention to your business requirements and think which plan could meet your end requirement. Before you pick the best hosting solution, make sure you check the testimonials to find out what clients are talking about the 

  1. Scalability 

For any business, they must choose a cloud hosting plan that can be easily scalable. No matter which hosting plan you pick, you should have the flexibility to add or remove resources as and when you want. Find out how much storage capacity you are getting with the hosting plan you are picking. 

  1. Easy to use Control Panel 

It is another crucial factor you must watch out for when choosing the hosting plan. Make sure you get a user-friendly control panel through which you can manage or handle your hosting plan with ease and convenience. Also, ask your hosting solution provider how much control would you be having. 

  1. Server Location 

Whenever you opt for a cloud hosting plan, ask the provider about the server location. Your server location directly impacts the loading speed of your server. Remember, if your website loads fast, it can result in improved ranking of your website and more traffic coming to it. 

  1. One-Click Installation 

Check if the hosting plan you are buying from the provider offers you quick installation and instantly enabled services. It should provide you the flexibility to install features and applications easily. 

  1. Technologies 

For a successful result, you must hire a cloud hosting solution that comes integrated with the latest technology. Make sure the technologies they are using can support your business and its objectives. Check if the architecture, standards, and services are good enough to support your business needs. 

  1. Standards & Certifications 

Ensure that the cloud hosting solution you pick complies with Industry’s best standards and practices. Check if they have the required accreditation to offer you the reliability and agility your business needs. 

  1. 99.9% Uptime 

It is one of the major concerns of all website owners. Powerful servers and stable connections should be on your checklist when you look for a hosting service provider. See that the uptime guaranteed by your service provider is no less than 99.9%. 

While choosing a reliable cloud solution hosting provider, make sure that you consider all the vital aspects to get the best of these services. Since you might want to go for a long-term association, establish SLAs and contractual terms to assure that you receive the promised services. 

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