How To Accessing your Dedicated Server Linux Order?

If you want to access the dedicated server Linux order that you have purchased, there are simple steps involved which when followed rightly can give you easy and quick access to the dedicated server Linux order.

Your server management panel is represented by the server management software. The software gives you full access to functions that allows easy management of critical functions of the dedicated server offered with the Linux package by your service provider. You can follow the steps mentioned below to access the server management panel, control panel and many other additional features that might have been offered to you along with the dedicated server Linux package.

The first step in the process is to log in to your control panel using the appropriate user id and password. Then look for the specific domain name for which this dedicated server Linux order has been purchased. Then go to the Order Information view tab for more details. The next step is to look for the URL associated with the admin details and click on it. There is a link provided below the server management panel. Simply click on the URL and gain access to the dedicated server control panel.

The dedicated server control panel can also be accessed for management of the other add-ons that you might have purchased or you have been offered by the service provider as a part of the whole package.

It is important to note that the login authorizations for your Linux dedicated server order control panel can be modified and that too without having to be a tech expert. All you need to do is use the corresponding interfaces to make the changes you want to the login credentials. It is a simple process that can be handled and managed by any user.

A server management panel refers to the server management software that permits you to access and manage your dedicated server Linux package. Although it allows you to access the server management panel as well as a control panel for other Add-ons that you may have purchased through your dedicated server Linux order as mentioned below:

Step 1. Initially, login to your control panel and now search for the domain name for that you purchased your dedicated server Linux order and then go to the order information view.

Step 2. Now, hit the link for admin details.

Step 3. Lastly, hit the link under the server management panel section that helps you to visit the dedicated server control panel.

Although, with the help of the URL listed under the respective add-on section, you can access the control panels for other add-ons.

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