How to choose the best Joomla hosting in 2022?

Hosting plays a pivotal role in deciding the success of your website and turning your business into a successful one. Since there is a wide range of hosting solutions available, you must make an informed decision and pick the one that best suits your Joomla CMS and hosting.  

But first, let’s understand what Joomla is!

What is JOOMLA

Joomla is one of the most preferred and awarded Content Management Systems (CMS) around the world. Other than being mobile-ready, Joomla is a user-friendly platform through which you can build your website without any hassle. The reason why it is the most widely used CMS is due to the extensive features it offers. Moreover, there are more than 40 million web pages created by Joomla. And there is no denying we will witness the rise in these numbers in the coming years. 

Joomla is highly-efficient and helps you manage the website with ease. It allows you to create a new section, make the changes as per your need, select new menu options, add relevant images, you can do anything to meet your demands. 

Types of Web hosting & Which one do you need?

Now that you have chosen Joomla CMS, you need a hosting service to make it live. You can hire a web host provider who will take care of all backend issues, including server repair and maintenance. Web hosting companies help webmasters by removing lots of hassles from their lives.

Below we are listing some choices of hosting that you can consider: 

1. Shared hosting 

This type of hosting is the least expensive. The term shared hosting refers to a hosting service in which clients share the same server, and the hosting company manages and monitors the server, as well as provides customer support. Although shared hosting is affordable, you must guarantee that the plan you choose will feature the basics, such as applications, control panels, etc.

2. Dedicated server hosting

Users get enhanced application support and additional security with this Web solution. This hosting server is known for its high security and stability, which ensures that all applications and scripts can be hosted on it. A user is given complete control of the server by using this hosting solution, in addition to having access to their own operating system, security software, and other applications.

3. VPS hosting 

VPS hosting uses a virtualization technology through which you get dedicated resources within a shared server environment. With both the affordability and flexibility of shared server hosting, VPS hosting is a winning combination.

4. Cloud hosting

Combined with both shared and dedicated servers, a cloud server offers the best of both worlds. With this hosting solution, you get the advantages of being on a dedicated server, but at the cost of shared hosting. With cloud hosting, a user can utilize resources from several connected servers.

So wait no more and choose the best hosting for your Joomla website in 2022. 

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