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How to Get Benefits from Integrating CDN with Joomla?

Why is the need to integrate CDN with Joomla?

Here are a few good reasons. 

You get the benefit of faster page loads

Your files will be served from a much closer location to your customers, and admittedly they will experience greatly increased speed loads. 

Remember, loading time can affect your bottom line. 

Many an online retailer has realized that loading time is a key contributor to page abandonment. 

Moreover, with mobiles having become ubiquitous, mobile users expect web browsing speed to be as good if not better than what they get on their PCs/ laptops. 

Reduced server load

Since your host is no longer required to serve your files, your server will be freed up to perform more important tasks 

Your website will handle more traffic

Because of the above two enhancements, your website will be able to handle higher traffic spikes.   

Better SEO rankings

An overall improvement in your website performance will result positively impact your SEO rankings. 

It is a fact that faster page loads rank and convert better.

We are aware that Google factors in several components to rank search engine results. These can include the content of the web page itself, its authenticity and more. 

And lately, they have added another parameter – website speed.

In short, the speed at which the content of your website will be visible to users will have a noticeable impact on search rankings.

If you want to customize your website with CDN Joomla integration, here is what you can do:

Back up your CMS  first

Create a Pull Zone and Push Zone. 

  o  A Pull Zone is needed to pull the static assets from your website and cache it from the CDN network. 

  o  A Push Zone is a zone wherein you can upload files directly with your hosting account. 

Log in to the Joomla admin panel and download and install the plugin

Upload the CDN for Joomla by navigating through Extensions, Manage and Install. 


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