How to Pick the Right CMS for Your Website

Content management system is an important technology that every business owner should consider while developing their websites. There are several platforms available and so how would you pick up the right CMS for your website? The first thing is you have to be sure of your needs and the budget you have.

Types: There are two types of CMS platforms. One is the open source. Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are the most popular open source CMS platforms. They can be easily modified and customized. They have a large community of developers and coders. and the other is proprietary. The provider does all the functions of development and modification. It comes with a license fee.

Functionalities: Does the CMS offer automation for updates? Does it automatically update any new content and modify edited content without creating duplication? The CMS should be easily navigable without create any confusion for a visitor. It should automatically support updated links among pages. Does it convert the uploaded content in appropriate formats? Will it allow uploading of high resolution videos and images? Another important point to consider does the CMS have search capabilities? Is it SEO friendly and can it generate SEO compatible URLs? It is secure and does it provide authentication and access authorization? Does it offer easy revision? There are times when a modified content may back-fire requiring you to revert back quickly to the original form. The CMS should be able to manage such issues. It should offer multi-lingual support. A website is accessed from any location and by different types of visitors. They should be able to read the content in a language they are comfortable in.

Budget: Consider the budget that you have. Do not overspend unless you find it absolutely necessary. You should get the value for the money you are investing.

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