How To Reduce Page Load Speed With The Help Of Web Hosting?

Web hosting has been the most ignored aspects for improving page load speed of web sites. In order to understand how web hosting contributes to a greater user experience as well as accelerated page load speed, one needs to look at the vital tasks that are supposed to be accomplished by a web server. These are also critical in terms of time required for page loading.

Every web server has to execute a myriad of lines of code lines for delivering every single web page. This task resembles opening of a program on a computer.

Secondly, every website code that leverages Content Management System such as WordPress must run database queries for extraction of content of that webpage from MySQL or any other relevant database. This may require a website to make more than hundred database queries to deliver a single web page. Any particular web page demands execution of multiple files including JavaScript and CSS in order to load a homepage of a website.

This underlines the significance of choosing a right resource of a hosting plan offered by web hosting company. If you choose a VPS or dedicated plan, then your website will be able to gain an exclusive advantage of dedicated resources for accomplishing the tasks mentioned above.

In addition to providing dedicated resources you need to boost performance of your website with more resources of memory and processing power. Greater availability of resources can only be ensured by upgrading your hosting plan.

One must not underestimate importance of Solid State Drives to improve page load speeds. This is able to accelerate file loading as compared with traditional Hard Disk Drives. You must also make sure that all vital resources that are required by your websites are locally available on the web server itself.

One can achieve at least sixty percent improvement in page load speed by upgrading web hosting package. This can also improve mitigation of JavaScript optimization of image files for faster time to first byte.

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