Best Methods by Which WordPress Footer Links Can Be Removed

You as a website owner may want to remove the WordPress footer links on your site that display the WordPress theme developer’s credentials like “powered by WordPress. Developed by XYZ”. Yours being a professional business website does not have to display these credits as it could divert the attention of your viewers from your content.

Are you allowed to remove the WordPress Footer Links?

Yes, it is absolutely permitted and you have every right to remove the WordPress Footer Credit Links from your site. WordPress CMS is released under the GPL license and is free. You have the liberty to use, modify and distribute WordPress. All the plugins and themes too are issued under the GPL license so there is nothing illegal in removing the footer credit links.

There are two simple and easy ways to remove the WordPress footer links.

1. Theme Settings Page:

Theme developers leave the option of removing/ disabling the footer credit links on the users by giving the option in the themes setting page. The options could either be in the WordPress theme customizer (Appearance=Customize) or in the individual theme’s options page or in the Widgets section.

2. Footer.Php Code Method:

In case you do not find the option to disable the footer credit feature in the settings page, you will have to edit the Footer.Php code. You will have to go to the file as follows: your/ wp-content/themes/your theme/footer.php.

Open the file in a text editor and look for the footer credit text “Powered by”. Go to the section which you want to remove and either disable it or change it to suit your needs.

You are advised not to try the CSS method as it may hamper your website’s SEO. The CSS method suggests “none to hide the footer credit links”. Google does not approve of display: any links. Spammers have been using the hide link to get better rankings by making it visible to Google while hiding it from the public.

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