How to Install WordPress on Windows PC Using WAMP Server?

When you must install WordPress locally you need a local web host. This is often required by companies where the developers wish to test the theme locally first before putting it live on the Internet. The thing to remember here is that when you locally set up WordPress hosting, only you get to view the plugin or the theme. To make it live, you need to get hosting done by a web server. WAMP basically refers to the combination of PHP, Apache, and MySQL designed for the Windows platform. This platform is required when you must install a local environment for installing WordPress on Windows PC. To install WordPress, you need to visit the WAMP server site to download the most recent version of the software. You have to download the right version depending on the version of the operating system. Once downloaded, you can run the set-up program by following the instructions given by the wizard. When asked to select the default browser, you can choose any browser other than the Internet Explorer that it chooses. Once installed, you have to launch the WAMP server next. To create the database, you will need to click on the Wampserver icon shown in the taskbar and then click on phpMyAdmin. You will be shown a new window where you click on the “Database hosting” option to build a new one. You may also choose custom names depending on your preferences. With the back-end completed, you can download the most recent WordPress version from the official site. You can then extract its content and visit the place where you have extracted it. You may copy the whole WordPress folder to paste it in the default location C:\wamp\www\. You can even rename the folder if you wish to. From your preferred web browser, you need to access the URL: http://localhost/mysite/. In case you get an error that the configuration file cannot be found, you may need to create one. The next step in WordPress setup is providing database information.

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