How to Secure the WordPress Website or Blog?

Although WordPress enjoys colossal popularity as a Content Management System and a blogging platform, it is also the favorite target of cybercriminals. Users of WordPress are required to pay greater attention to its security.

In addition to keeping your plugins and entire WordPress site updated at all times, you also need to make sure that the site is being hosted with a highly secured WordPress hosting provider.

Securing WordPress admin area

Your WordPress admin area must be impregnable to unauthorized intrusions and should strictly allow access to the people who need to enter the same. WordPress sites that do not facilitate front-end creation of content as well as registration do not allow visitors to enter the wp-login.php file as well as /wp-admin/folder.

You can set specific IP addresses in order to restrict entry to the admin area of your WordPress site to select individuals. These measures are essential to prevent events of brute force attacks.

Never use ‘admin’ for username

‘Admin’ is a default username and this fact is known to all hackers. If you have not changed your username, then your WP site is vulnerable to easy access to hackers. A different user name is an important and simple defense against the majority of brute force attacks. While installing a WordPress site, users are supposed to choose another username.

Add strength to passwords

In spite of widespread incidences of hacking, there are many users who do not take the security of passwords seriously. Common passwords such as ‘12345’ or ‘password’ are easily guessed by hackers for gaining access to your WP admin area. Passwords need to be smartly designed by using combinations of small and capital letters and other characters.

Importance of two-factor authentication

If you need a significantly stronger line of defense against hackers, then there is no alternative to two-factor authentication.

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