How to set-up-word press-with-one-click-solution?

The Alibaba Cloud offers a complete website solution service for customers, developers and related people. With one click solution of Word press you can completely exhaust the applications present for the web development. The one-stop solution which can be appropriately be used for the web application development of the images related WordPress, features of the other web applications, relevant domain names and features of the Alibaba Cloud products. It also gives a multiple flexible one-stop services for the domain building. The LAMP/LEMP has complete working of the web development which is highly effective and efficient for usage in the Word-press business. After you have completely drained the working and usage of Alibaba Cloud domain name service which has a DNS, Then the method of customization of the web service can be done efficiently.

This actually helps in managing the WordPress-powered blog web space with the Alibaba Cloud Services which can have an access of the typical and selected domain along with the IP address so as to complete the whole process of running the Word press set-up in five to ten minutes.

These are the complete steps which helps in making a websites worthy and lures business for the same:

· You need to go for the Selection and setting up of the ECS to effectively run the management of WordPress website.

· Here you need to Select the name of the domain for the ECS server.

· Complete the setup of the full WordPress website for effective working and business set up.

Important: In the Alibaba Cloud service, you are required to set up for the Alibaba Cloud website and get logged on to visit the Website Service for its working. On the front page, you are required to follow the steps ECS and selecting the domain name.

Step 1: Go for the Selection and setting up of the ECS to effectively run the management of WordPress website.

The Alibaba Cloud for ECS actually has three types of specifications present on the system. If you think of setting up a personal blog for your complete website, you require an ECS of 1 crore for the efficiency that would be actually running for your system. The ECS has a capacity of 10,000 unique visitors (UV) which have complete go through. If in case there is a requirement of higher usage of traffic to be fitted, you can select the 1-core 2GB, or 2-core 4GB configurations to managing the websites for the complete usage.

1. You are required to Log on to the ECS Console of the website working and further here the selection of Web Hosting Service Package is done.

2. Go for selection of a particular region. You must go for section of the user that is very close to the system usage as per the geographical management of the target user. The Alibaba Cloud has ECS information centers that are available across the globe. In order to opt for recent list, you must consider, Alibaba-cloud working.

3. Go for selection of a complete application of the related WordPress document. You can go for selection of the image from the Ubuntu OS or CentOS whichever is your choice. If there is no preference of the opted system, it is highly recommended to choose WordPress on LAMP Ubuntu 14.04 64bits.

4. The corresponding image is the purchasing option plan, which is being supported by the Alibaba Cloud ECS working, domain name and complete package of 1 year that is running.

Step 2: Here you need to Select and further go for set up of the ECS instance for management of ECS Website.

1. After setting up the complete ECS you just have to click the option as Next for going ahead in order to Set your Domain Name. The Presently running Alibaba Cloud not only care for the registration of the .com and .net domain names that are operational. But has a feature of being available to new user’s domain set ups as well.

2. Once somebody completes the process of set up along the website facility, the domain name you selected will be itself be made public for the ECS instance you are using. Facility of name alternation is also available for running the Console DNS page.

3. Select the option of Buy Now so as to have a Confirmation from the initial Order page.

4. Here the Selection of Agree has to be made in line with the ECS console running, you are required to choose the selection of the Place Order for confirmation.

5. Click Pay option here.

6. Once done with the payment, ECS instance selected runs in the background. On successful registration of registered domain, the automatic linking to the public IP address of the ECS instance is done.

Step 3: Start with Initializing the WordPress website:

1. Once payment is done look for the WordPress initialization, for the verification of the ECS status that is purchased. Look for ECS location, and so that the position of the purchased server is set up. Further go to determine the IP address and working domains.

2. In the DNS Console, check for the linked configuration system which actually makes the set up for registered domain names and the domain sectors.

3. Go on choosing the working of the Resolution Settings.

4. Once the ECS server is having proper working and in running mode look for successful running option.

5. Now here you can go ahead by continuing the WordPress site.

6. Once the installation of the page is completed you are through to the success of working.

7. Here you can actually opt for the WordPress management page.

8. Choose the Publish option.

Congrats! Your website is live.

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