How to use the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk?

WordPress is a fantastic content management system (CMS) that provides you with various advantages. Everything on WordPress is incredibly simple to administer, from a new blog to news posting. This is why it is so popular among business owners and marketers.

To use WordPress on your website, you have a few choices. Managed hosting companies, such as WP Engine, make things simple by installing WordPress for you. However, individuals who use shared hosting frequently opt for Plesk, a web hosting control panel that works on both Linux and Windows servers.

So, if you want to know how to use the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk, then read this post.

This post discusses how you can install it yourself and use it to manage WordPress installations on your own server.

So, let’s get started…

Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit

Plesk is a comprehensive, adaptable, and secure WordPress toolset that provides a single dashboard for conveniently managing many WordPress instances. Also, it makes it simple to test new plugins, features, and design concepts in a sandbox before deploying them to your live website.

The best thing is that you don’t need any additional plugins or a separate server for this because the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk handles everything.

The WordPress Toolkit offers a unified management interface for conveniently installing (one-click installer), configuring, and managing WordPress.

Also, you can use the WordPress Toolkit to simplify the management of WordPress websites. Staging, cloning, synchronizing, updating, migrating, and other complex activities become a breeze with the WordPress toolkit.

You must first install the WordPress Toolkit extension in Plesk in order to begin working with it. WordPress Toolkit will require Plesk as well as a server with PHP version 5.3 or higher to do so. And if your server is still running a PHP version older than this, you’ll need to install a custom PHP handler.

To enable this, you must specify the path to the PHP binary and switch the WordPress Toolkit subscription to the custom PHP handler.

Let’s have a look at how to use the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk now. Here we go…

Step-by-step Procedure to Use WordPress Toolkit in Plesk

Access Plesk by logging in.

Click Websites and Domains in the left sidebar.

Scroll to the domain’s management area, where WordPress is installed.

In the toolbar, select any of the following options:

Click Log In to log in to WordPress.

Click Check Security to run a security check on the WordPress installation.

Click Plugins to manage WordPress plugins.

Click Themes to manage the WordPress installation’s themes.

Click Clone to clone the WordPress installation.

Click Sync to synchronize one WordPress instance with another.

Complete accessibility

Follow these steps to gain access to the entire WordPress Toolkit:

Log in to Plesk

Click WordPress in the left sidebar. The moment you click WordPress, the WordPress toolkit page will appear.

Manage your WordPress installations on the Instances tab:

To install a new WordPress instance, choose Install, followed by Install (Quick) or Install (Custom).

Click Scan to find all WordPress instances on your account.

Click Updates to check for WordPress updates.

Click Security to manage the security of your WordPress instances.

There are numerous extra configuration options available for each WordPress instance listed.

Manage WordPress plugins via the Plugins tab:

Click Install to install a plugin.

Click Upload plugin to add a plugin.

Click Activate to activate a plugin.

Click Deactivate to deactivate a plugin.

Uninstall a plugin by clicking the Uninstall button.

Click Update to update a plugin.

Manage WordPress themes under the Themes tab:

Click Install to install a theme.

Click Upload theme to add a new theme.

Uninstall a theme by clicking the Uninstall button.

Click Update to update a theme.

So, these are the ways you can use the WordPress toolkit in the Plesk. Hopefully, this article has been informative for you.

Thanks for reading!


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