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Searching for AngularJS hosting solutions? You’re at the right place. Go4hosting offers you blazing-fast AngularJS hosting packages coupled with an exclusive SwiftServer platform for your development project. If speed boosting is the need, you can rely on our state-of-the-art Turbo Servers that speed up page load by multi-folds.

AngularJS Hosting: An Overview

AngularJS is a popular open-source structured framework widely used for developing dynamic Web apps. This framework was developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, and is currently maintained by Google. AngularJS helps developers to use html as a template language and to prolong html syntax to express the constituents of application clearly, precisely and briefly.


AngularJS streamlines several common issues identified during the development and testing phase of a Single-Page application. With custom tags embedded into it, AngularJS first reads the html page. Thereafter, it interprets them as directions in case to bind input/output sections as a sample represented by standard JavaScript variables. The importance of these variables can be either manually added or found from JSON resources.

Why AngularJS Hosting?

Nothing can do better than the html when it comes to declaring static documents, but it stumbles when you try using it for declaring dynamic views in Web applications. AngularJS enables developers to extend html vocabulary for their application. The emerging environment is extremely expensive, readable, and immensely quick to develop.

On the other hand, other frameworks deal with the downsides of html by either abstracting away html, CSS, and/or JavaScript or by offering a compelling option to manipulate the DOM. None of these fix the root problems that html wasn’t designed for dynamic views.

Extensibility is amongst the compelling features of AngularJS that has made it so popular. It is actually a toolset to create the framework most adequate to your application development. It is completely extensible and can work fine with other libraries. You can modify or replace any feature to fit your exclusive development workflow and feature requirements.

Advantages You Get From AngularJS Hosting

There are several advantages of using AngularJS with data binding and dependency injection reduce the need of writing much code being the most prominent. Others are:

  • Ability of data binding to HTML that gives user a rich and responsive experience.
  • Facilitates developer to create Single-Page Application in a clean and conceivable way
  • AngularJS codes is unit testable
  • Reduces code writing while achieves more functionality
  • AngularJS offers reusable components
  • It enables developers to accomplish the same task with options of multiple ways.
  • Advanced features, such as- animation, dependency injection, view orchestration, routing etc.
  • Views are pure HTML pages, and controllers are written in Java Script that accomplish the business processing.
  • AngularJS is maintained by IT major Google Inc.

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Solid Technical Support

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