What is meant by Cloud Server Hosting?

Jan 25,2024 by MOHD MOIZ
Cloud Server Hosting

You might have thought about what is cloud server hosting and how does it work? This post will give you an update about it in brief.  

Cloud hosting services offer hosting over virtual servers that pull the estimating resources from comprehensive basic networks of physical web-based servers.

Usually, customers will knock into the service as long as it is required, based on their demands at any concerned stage. This will even result in financial savings as customers will solely have to do payment for what they utilize, and since they will access it at any instance of time, users do not have to spend for extra capability.

What is meant by Cloud Server Hosting?

Working of Cloud Server Hosting

Public Cloud

Several instances of cloud hosting entail the usage of public cloud structures; hosting across various virtual servers which pull the resource from a set of several virtual servers out there.

The similar public networks are utilized to send their information; information that is manually collected over the basic shared servers that built the cloud resource

Such public clouds can entail various safety measure to assure that the information is held private and will meet all the installations

Private Cloud

Private clouds are highly fit where encryption and privacy is much of importance.

Private clouds utilize ring-fenced resources, like servers as well as networks, whether situated across site or along with the cloud server provider.

Comparing Hosting service over Individual Servers:

Cloud hosting is a substitute for various hosting websites across individual servers (be it dedicated or even shared servers) and will be examined as an expansion of the notion of clustered hosting where those websites are hosted over numerous servers. With the usage of managed cloud hosting, although, the connection of servers which is utilized is huge and usually pulled from several data centres in varied regions. With available cloud hosting options, businesses are growing exponentially. Some instances of our cheap cloud server hosting will fall in the category of both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as well as Platform as a Service (PaaS) classes.

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The customer is even offered with the software-based environment, over which clients will reach directly to installation and development of the web-based application

Simpler to utilize in comparison to the IaaS feature

Ideal for those who are not so technically efficient 


The customer is precisely offered with the respective virtualized hardware resource over which clients will install their preferred software-driven environment before constructing their web application

More personalized, hence accurate for businesses with complicated IT model

Ideal for experienced IT experts

Advantages and Features

  • RELIABILITY: Instead of getting hosted across an individual physical server, cloud hosting is provided over a virtual division that pulls its resource, like disk space, from a broad framework of basic physical servers. If a single server becomes offline it is going to have null effect in terms of availability, as various virtual servers can consistently draw resource from the left structure of servers. 
  • PHYSICAL SECURITY: The basic physical servers are yet located inside data centers and thus various security measures which those features execute to avoid users accessing or interrupting them.
  • SCALABILITY: Resource is accessible within real time requirement and is not restricted to the physical capability of a single server. If a customer’s website, for an instance, requires an additional resource from the concerned hosting interface because of a spike under visitor traffic and the execution of latest operations, the resource is used smoothly. 
  • UTILITY STYLE COSTING: The customer will solely do payment for what they really utilize. Various resources is accessible for spikes in requirement.
  • FLEXIBLE LOAD BALANCING: Load balancing is a software-driven feature and will, hence, be immediately measurable to reply to dynamic requirements.

Things you require from a robust cloud platform:

  • Automated vertical or horizontal scaling,
  • Broad selection of software stacks as well as technologies
  • Docker containers assistance
  • Intelligent orchestration of resources
  • Higher availability
  • Pay money for actual utilization
  • DevOps automation
  • Intuitive as well as customer-friendly UI
  • Self-supplying access
  • High marketplace with 1-click deployment of famous applications, add-ons, and even  Docker containers
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The Elastic Cloud

Go4hosting cloud measures the applications simply without any physical interference. In this manner customers do not have to pay extra for unutilized resources and without any requirement for making it highly complex adjustments or infrastructural architectural transformations.

Auto Vertical Scaling

Configure high RAM and CPU for every server. Our Cloud is going to adjust various resources (CPU and RAM) to provide the present requirement of their application.

Auto Horizontal Scaling

Configure the triggers for adding and eliminating website or application server nodes within their present environment. The server nodes can enhance or reduce in according to the defined triggers.

Traffic Distributor

Configure smart workload balancing of server nodes to accelerate working of requests, reduce client’s response delay and manage higher requests without any kind of failures.

High Availability (HA)

Allow session duplication for their cloud to copy the data center over various cloud examples within the similar cluster utilizing multicast. Node failure within the cluster is not going to impact their services.

Our Service

We are an award-winning platform and we offer cheap cloud server services. We even deliver public cloud framework however with dedicated network free-of-charge thus designing it in a private style. If you want to discover more about us, please visit Go4hosting website and speak to our experts today!

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