Noteworthy Cloud Computing Trends for 2024

Jan 25,2024 by MOHD MOIZ
Cloud Computing

The only thing that is constant is change and it cannot be more evident than the adoption of newer technologies in the face of new trends in the domain of IT. Trends including open standards converged systems, and bi-modal IT can appear to be overwhelming. This underlines the necessity of preparing to meet the challenges of new changes that are being discussed here.

Challenges of multi-cloud commitments

The overall scenario in cloud computing and data centers in 2024 will be influenced by the continued growth of investments and an aggressive adoption factor of multi-cloud environments by a plethora of organizations. In fact, multi-cloud environments are set to become new normal in the year to come. There is going to be a shift from a single cloud service orientated businesses to public cloud services that would of dual-source nature to bypass vendor lock-in.

This will lead to newer challenges for data center service providers in terms of offering productive and easy solutions across several clouds. In the absence of such capabilities, true benefits of enterprise deployments in terms of greater efficiency cannot be availed.

Storage to be more short-lived  

Growth in popularity of virtual as well as augmented reality, coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence is expected to continue in 2024. These sources focus more on the results of analysis and not the data per se. This will reduce the importance of data storage for long term basis. Such practice of storing data will be not only impractical but will also be unnecessary. Since the importance of such data is going to be only momentary, it will not impact the overall growth of data storage requirement. Hence 2024 will not see much of data storage growth in spite of a massive growth in data generation.

CDNs to become leaner

There is an urgent need for present Content Distribution Networks to be replaced by more flexible and economical solutions that would be easy to deploy and operate. Do it Yourself CDN can be a great alternative in this perspective. These less expensive solutions can be built by leveraging software-defined architecture and public clouds. These will reduce the use of traditional and turn-key cloud CDN solutions that are highly expensive and complicated. Many organizations will achieve expertise in building their own CDNs that would be cleaner and simpler than the traditional CDNs.

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Due to the amazing flexibility and ease of information sharing, hybrid clouds will be implemented in more and more organizations. Cloud solutions help enterprises adapt to their growing needs of business strategies. Integration of public and private cloud capabilities will have to be prioritized to deal with some of the issues that are being currently faced by a couple of organizations trying to acquire hybrid cloud architectures. The issues including protection and monitoring of data that is moving across different clouds need to be addressed more aggressively.

Greater need for security

With a growing reliance on cloud-based applications and the adoption of different service models of clouds, cybersecurity will assume greater significance in the ensuing year. Right now IT professionals attach more importance to need for skilled IT workforce in cloud technology rather than the requirement of cybersecurity personnel.

Cloud service providers will have to play a larger role in helping their client organizations set up infrastructure, security, and management tools for attaining the best possible performance of their cloud solutions.  The responsibility of deployment and management of cloud will have to be shouldered by the new workforce. In 2024, the success mantra will be how to make the cloud work for you.

Optimization of cloud costs

In the initial stages of cloud adoption, many organizations were more focused on getting their services up and running. The maturing of cloud computing it was felt that the cost of cloud applications deserve to be optimized. This is highlighted by several studies that indicate a hesitant attitude of many enterprises in terms of cloud adoption due to impediments of costs.

Obviously, enterprises will have to search for solutions that can bring down the operating costs of cloud hosting services. The New Year 2024 will witness growth in a number of companies that offer economical cloud services. Optimization of cloud costs can be achieved by automated workload shutdown, integration of cost management tools with infrastructure, and shifting of inactive as well as active storage volumes.

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Monetization of metadata

Organizations that are engaged in managing distributed systems are collecting huge volumes of metadata by default. The relevance of such meta data that deals with data will be appreciated by more and more companies who would use it for monetization. Client organizations can analyze this metadata for obtaining deeper insights. Customer insights generated by analyzing metadata can help organizations chalk out plans for new campaigns, product launches, and so forth.

Emergence of everything as software defined

The abstraction of the control plane from hardware is an important parameter of software-defined everything including servers, networking, storage, and even data centers among others. The real impact of software-defined components will be felt during the year 2024 since these are currently witnessing maturity.

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