Why is Managed Cloud Hosting the Best Solution for Businesses?

Jan 25,2024 by MOHD MOIZ
Managed Cloud Hosting

Switching to the cloud can be advantageous for businesses with dynamic needs and to keep pace with the constantly evolving digital scene. According to studies by Garner, this shift is likely to contribute to greater than a trillion in IT expenses at the turn of this decade. Managed cloud service providers are in great demand because they help organization to use the cloud optimally. They keep applications and critical data stored in a secure way. 

Why should you avoid low-cost hosting solutions?

While you will find many third parties keen to offer these same benefits, you will notice that there are many differences in their services too. This makes it difficult to find the best solution for your needs. When you decide to settle for the low priced plans, you end up getting poor quality of service. There are frequent downtimes and loss of data. So, more and more businesses are gradually realizing the need to step away from hosting providers which offer low-cost solutions but compromise on performance. 

What hosting plans are best suited for your website?

In this age of cutthroat competition amongst cloud vendors, there are even those which offer packages for throwaway prices. They promise to offer unlimited disk space and domains with their plans; the truth is, you will not be able to get these when you really need them. A possible reason for this is that many vendors use shared hosting. In this environment, the vendor shares its resources with many other businesses. So, if any of the other businesses has more activities on its site, it tends to over-use the resources. This consequently affects your site’s functioning and you may even go offline as a result. So, what actually started off as a way to reduce costs may end up costing you heavily in terms of your business reputation.

When you choose to sign up for virtual private servers, you find that you have more control over the server as compared to shared hosting. You are capable of handling unprecedented traffic peaks. This is possible as less numbers of users share the space. However, businesses will continue to compete against one another for these resources every time there is a traffic surge. While this is a far better option compared to shared hosting plans, it may not work that well when you start to get huge volumes of incoming traffic. Moreover, in VPS hosting, if the physical server collapses for some reason, all the virtual servers on it will automatically crash. So, when a business is really determined to score ahead of its competitors it is better to sign up for managed cloud hosting solutions which guarantees uptime and enhanced user satisfaction.

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How can a managed cloud hosting provider help?

  • When you get managed cloud solutions, you will be provided with a single tenant infrastructure. This implies that you are isolated from traffic in other sites and not limited by hardware. Managed cloud hosting providers will allow you to configure the server to suit your specific needs. So, you get infinite flexibility and you can cater to fluctuating business demands and workloads.
  • In managed cloud hosting, resources are provided for a single client exclusively. So, there is no fight over resources like CPU or disk space with neighboring websites. This makes managed cloud services ideally suited for businesses which need additional capacity because of their dependence on multimedia applications.
  • When you choose managed solutions, you can expect to get very high service levels, better performance and higher reliability. This is perfect when you must scale up your resources to deal with sudden traffic surges.
  • Managed cloud hosting providers will have an experienced and capable technical team. Using their expertise, it is possible to customize the server to cater to the needs of any business. At the same time, the organization can use the resources optimally.
  • With managed cloud hosting, businesses enjoy superior capabilities for handling security. There are much lower chances of data getting affected by viruses and malware. This is because there are no chances of malicious activities happening in neighboring sites which can affect your site and slow it down.

There can be no definite answer as to which hosting solution is the best. Depending upon your needs, you should choose a provider. All said and done, a managed cloud service provider turns out to be the best possible option for companies that are aspiring for better performances, higher reliability and constant availability. Managed hosting is supposed to be more economical as well as with on-site hosting; you will be forced to bear ongoing IT costs for repair and maintenance purposes. Managed hosts will maintain complete control of the network, troubleshooting all technical issues as and when these occur. They carry out routine updates to make sure data security is not compromised. Choosing managed solutions is a wise decision as your data will always be backed up in some other location. You will not have to worry about instances of data loss.

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