Cutoff Comatose Servers by Leveraging Efficient Cloud Services

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Increased ROI; never-ending user list; reduced overall expenses; and expansion into new markets – are a few factors that remain in the wish list of every entrepreneur. Companies across the globe spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in servers with an objective to suffice their peak capacity demands at an uninterrupted pace. However, this peak capacity is sporadic. That is why most of those servers remain underutilized or stay idle.

In this regard, a research conducted by the Anthesis Group states that ‘around 30% of physical servers deployed in a data center are comatose (servers perform no task, but consume power)’. The best way to save data center energy is to discontinue comatose servers. It is proved that a lot of capital can be saved by eliminating unutilized servers with the help of online comatose server savings calculator from Uptime Institute.

Server Sprawl: Experts suggest that this is one of the major concerns haunting every data center benefactor. The major reason that has come to light is an artifact of the pre-virtualization world. Years back, every single application was operated on a dedicated server hosting. With the introduction of virtualization, it was believed that it will help the IT world to reduce the dependency on dedicated physical servers; however, the story turned other way. The widely acclaimed and adopted virtualization technology has entailed another problem – virtual machine sprawl. These virtual machines run on almost all kinds of servers that are scattered in the same or different data center.

Server sprawl can be connoted as a number of circumstances in a data center facility, which leads to poor resource utilization, high energy consumption, and low security level. It goes without saying that servers that sit idle or are underutilized in a data center not only reflect poor capital expenses, but also make the environment intricate for the administrators. For smooth operation and management, the more the servers, the bigger the demand of supporting components and resources. This situation, sometimes, leads to poor management of those highly critical servers that bring the largest share of business to you.

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From In-house to Emerging Cloud Technology

In order to combat such potential loopholes, companies are shifting gears toward outsourcing model, they’re outsourcing their IT related needs to cloud hosting providers. Over the past few years, companies are under immense pressure to scrutinize their IT needs and cut down their on-premises footprint.  Another issue before the IT professionals facing today is – ongoing management and maintenance of deployed IT components, plus finding out which resources are sitting idle/partially utilized and just eating power and energy. In this regard, cloud has emerged as a silver bullet solution as it flexible and as-needed basis.

Elastic infrastructure: Cloud hosting solutions help companies to run their desired applications and store data on enterprise-grade severs, hosted and managed by third party service providers. With cloud hosting, when your mission-critical website engages more user-traffic, you have the flexibility to expand its capacity, or add new features and server space accordingly. When this traffic gets back to its normal state, the resources can be contracted dynamically. Precisely, clients can provision adequate capacity at any given point of time without encountering resource crisis or over-provisioning.

Focus on Strategic Projects: It is true that if your IT professionals are spending their entire day on doing software patching, updating antivirus, or integrating a firewall solution – it is ostensible that they will not be working as per the strategies set by the organization. The saved time and bandwidth can be utilized in analyzing data for new insights, designing custom applications, experimenting with techniques, and so on.

In addition to this, cloud providers offer 99.95%-100% network uptime, which mentions that your business stays available round the clock.

Flexibility: The other important reason behind high cloud adoption rate is that it allows companies to migrate non-strategic tasks to cloud while keeping others in a legacy data center environment. They can choose hybrid cloud, public cloud, or private cloud, depending upon the nature of their applications, sensitivity, level of isolation, and compliance needs.

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Predictable Cost Savings: With cloud, a major portion of capital investments becomes more predictable, as it is accessible on pay-per-use basis. The savings gained can be aligned to core business contingencies. Let’s say, if you wish to buy Microsoft Office licenses on a monthly subscription basis rather than paying for expensive licensing fees outright. Apart from this, they can quickly upgrade email or web browsing software simultaneously.

Service Levels and Quality Vary Among Cloud Hosting Benefactors

Every provider is different, so is their potential in service delivery. It is important to comprehend the scope of what they do and what they don’t.  There is a vast difference in the capability of each service provider – right from the security and performance level to regulatory and compliance requirements. Cloud services can be easily accessed and can be analyzed, that is why it is important to judge the vendor on the basis of – provisioning time of additional servers; automation and flexibility, and scalability to expand & contract.

Moving your business operations to cloud demands pragmatism and revitalizing your thoughts with respect to technological setup. By outsourcing your operations to a third-party vendor, your business leverages state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, while curtailing the number of unutilized servers, reducing the upfront costs, and enabling you to on important activisms.

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