Important Tips to Resolve Cloud Security Issues

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

While there are tons of benefits of cloud computing, there are also some issues that should be taken into consideration. If you are one of those people who are thinking about shifting towards cloud computing but some issues are holding you back. Maybe you are already using cloud computing and are afraid of data breaches or may be you have just shifted towards cloud hosting solutions, keep on reading to learn some important tips to resolve cloud security issues.

When it comes to cloud security, the effects of data breaches are one of the major concerns. In just a year of 2017 more than 700 data breaches were recorded that exposed about 12 million records of personal data. However, this volume of data breaches was about 25% more than the year 2016. These stolen data included bank account numbers, social security numbers, credit cards, and medical files. When you are using cloud computing it is important to use the latest and up to date protection methods.

Here some important tips to resolve cloud security issues.

●Recognize your cloud assets
Keeping in mind the high usage cloud application across different departments, it is somehow impossible for security teams to keep up with the security logs. Organizations that are recently migrated to the cloud find themselves struggling to keep up the visibility of their cloud assets, as every department is given the freedom to use SaaS solutions. Consequently gaining visibility is the first step to taking control over security. 

How can you solve this issue? Try using a security solution that includes the auto-discovery option through APIs. With the help of this, you will have a record of all your servers, networks, and workloads without any shadow of IT risk. Use such a full-stack security tool that can provide an accurate single mirror of view that can correlate risk between cloud assets and on-premise data.

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●Malicious insider
Most data breaches occur because of employee mistakes, however many other issues also happen due to ill-disposed insiders. These insiders can be current or former team members who use their access to steal or destroy data. You might have heard of an attack that happened at Sony in the year 2014. Hackers stated that they were able to access the company files because some sympathetic workers who let them in. Strong access control and regularly monitoring processes are the best practice to avoid these attacks.

Another way to ensure these malicious insider is to use reliable employee time tracking app that will help you to know your employee activities and will also help to make a secure pile of data.

●Look out for APIs
Almost a dozen of data breaches and security exposure are caused by poor APIs security. Renowned companies like Instagram, T-Mobile, McDonald’s exposed sensitive data of millions of their clients/users. API or Application programming interface is a trend that almost every developer relies mostly on them to support the delivery and integration of products and services. They are basically the public front door of your application. Many cloud hosting services allow third-party access by disclosing APIs. However many companies overlook it’s importance and are unable to provide secure APIs.

You need to follow security through a design approach to develop the application. With such approach companies will be able to understand the requirements of security around publishing APIs and build sufficient authentication, encryption, and authorization. In addition to ensuring that the code itself does not contain any possible week points.   

With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can better resolve or take care of cloud security issues. Now you know more about cloud security issues. More importantly, you also know the steps and tips you need to make your cloud computing secure.

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