Integrating Security: Future Proofing Critical Information in Cloud

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

For decades, the deployment of cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate. The technology has acted as a strengthening force in trimming down various variable costs, shortening the scheduled business cycles, and made on-demand resources available to organizations. Nevertheless, the degree of these benefits have been moderated by the security challenges faced by multiple cloud based deployment models. This disparity has further widened with the rising complexity of cloud based applications.

This blog is written with an idea of overcoming security challenges in the cloud and making it a full proof arrangement for congregating critical business information.

To start with, let’s take a quick stroll at the conventional ways of storing information. Cassette tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, flip phones, etc. were previously used for saving files and information. As the technology progressed exponentially, consumers have moved to the cloud storage – a new way of storing and retrieving information in a virtual environment.

From business perspective, the world is becoming flat owing to the better connectivity of people and devices across the globe. This has a direct impact on the way information is created, shared, and accessed by businesses and individuals. In this regard, cloud technology plays a pivotal role by moulding the way enterprises communicate and operate in this new technology driven world.

One of the recent studies revealed that the adoption of cloud has risen with a surge in IT expenditure. The report clearly reflects the growing popularity of cloud platform among businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Amidst this scenario, it is important to future proof this cutting edge technology by closely looking at the potential threats at various levels, viz. – physical, virtual, and application. Let’s take a look at these levels in detail:

Physical Threats: This includes physical data centers involving hardware theft, power outages, natural disasters, interruption, or network attacks. To future proof these security concerns, cloud hosting providers can follow security requirements like network protection, hardware security, and legal & ethical utilization of cloud computing.

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Virtual Threats: These are the result of programming errors, high network exposure, communication disruptions, software modification, and connection flooding. To avert these risks, firms can follow security measures like gaining root level access, ensuring data & application security, virtual cloud protection, and communication security across networks.

Application Threats: Such threats occur due to modifications of information during transit, high network exposure, privacy breaches, and cybercrime. Service providers can use multi-tenancy environment to avoid these threats. Other measures include safeguarding critical data from high-end exposure, gaining comprehensive control over resources, and ensuring software security.

Since integrity and availability of data is the top most priority of every organization, experts have been striving to look for ways to future proof cloud security in a smarter way. For this reason, many hosting providers are building a robust cloud architecture to render uninterrupted services to their clients by using the latest technological innovations to achieve unparalleled operational efficiencies.  

Besides, there is no explicit answer to future-proof cloud security. Technological breakthroughs and advancements in cloud computing go hand-in-hand, so do the modifications in industrial standards and cloud data security guidelines. Hence, it is imperative for businesses to select the right service provider having capabilities of meeting security demands in a secured environment. Perhaps, this will be considered as the first and foremost step towards future proofing cloud security.

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