Know All About The Core Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Are you still confused about the catch-phrase ‘cloud computing’? Well let me help you break it down for a better understanding. It is nothing but a service offered for every sized business by dedicated providers. So no matter which cloud supplier you select, every cloud possesses a few common characteristics. These are as follows:

  • A cloud is virtual because it is backed by a massive pool of resources. These are nothing but racks full of servers. When such a pool is divided into multiple virtual servers, voila! A cloud is born!
  • Cloud computing can be secure depending on the hardware deployed by the provider. In order to ensure utmost security, private clouds are hosted upon dedicated hardware. Even if you select a cloud which claims that it is secure, double-check its security compliances & certificates for your mental-peace!
  • Every cloud is flexible & highly scalable. After all, theoretically no virtual server can be physical. So they automatically become super flexible, and can be scaled-up/down as per your business critical needs in a jiffy! So you can spin up a server in a few minutes’ time and take it down just like that!
  • Cost is the biggest advantage of cloud. Hire a provider and you will experience instant cost savings (especially in a public cloud). In such a setup, the physical servers where you run your very own virtual server is shared with many others. So resources and associated costs are equally divided amongst everyone!
  • In open clouds, you can easily move your cloud around. So you are not restricted by a single provider’s proprietary technology. Rather, you get to leverage the best out more than one provider’s offerings.
  • Invest in a hybrid cloud, and enjoy the best of two worlds namely the security of a private setup as well as the affordability of a public cloud!  Try hosting all public-facing components in the common area (public cloud), and literally lock up your sensitive data in a private cloud.
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I hope you have gained a basic understanding of the fundamental characteristics of cloud computing as well as cloud hosting in general.

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