On-demand Cloud Services Fueling up the Innovation

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

In today’s technology-driven world, the systems that accommodate and respond to end-user demands have radically moved from the back-room IT ecosphere to the center stage. No matter whether the status of an economy is bumpy or smooth, the path to innovation seems unstoppable for many. These organizations are striving to gobble up almost every aspect allied to the leading cloud technology. It is interesting to note that companies leveraging cloud and other disruptive techniques are fetching top dollars in the most recent quarter.

Today, CTOs and CIOs striving to gain a competitive edge are embracing cloud owing to its multifarious advantages that it has to offer to its users- among all, ability to fuel innovation is one of the leading factors.  

Adopting Cloud improves your Business Graph

By trimming down cost barriers, time, location and organizational boundaries, the cloud enables businesses of all sizes to improvise their IT functionality, which in turn improves their overall business graph. Organizations would be able to focus on core competencies while leaving the task of running IT infrastructure to the cloud server hosting provider. Further, through the adoption to cloud, companies have become more agile.

The cloud helps organizations to fulfill the scaling demands of intensive workloads, be it CRMs or ERPs. It also enables companies to build virtual processes, which in turn allow various stakeholders namely customers, suppliers, business partners, etc. to connect and collaborate seamlessly.    

Anatomy of Cloud

Embracing the Cloud  

When a company decides to migrate its IT to the cloud environment, it subsequently reduces the cost of infrastructure maintenance, leaving it in the hands of cloud hosting provider. Cloud proves to be a befitting alternative for both technical as well as commercial businesses. Organizations can easily scale up the computing resources such as RAM, processor, hard disk capacity as the needs upsurge, without upgrading to a plan that incorporates high scale configurations. It completely eliminates the conventional CAPEX component of current IT infrastructure and streamlines your intensive business operations with pay-as-you-go service model connoted as OPEX model. 

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How Cloud Computing is Fueling up the Innovation?

The trend of cloud computing has grown over 300 % in the past 6 years. Interesting thing is that it is indicating no signs of slow down. Moreover, around 60 % industrialists and CIOs are claiming that cloud is their top most business priority to accelerate the business productivity.
Cloud technology has seen an exponential growth in the current industry patterns. In this competitive edge, businesses that have managed to take comprehensive advantage of this pay-as-you-go service have transformed their conventional cost-consuming IT infrastructure to a more agile virtual world that opens the gateway for excellent business opportunities. On the contrary, the industries, which are slow in adopting cloud, encounter many troubles in deriving business growth.

Take a sneak peek on the following examples that elucidate how innovation can be derived through cloud.

Interoperability- It implies the ability of a cloud system to proactively work with other systems without performing any additional efforts. When you move traditional system into the cloud, the ability to combine with other software will raise automatically. Therefore, extensive range of applications, devices and systems can be seamlessly integrated into the cloud environment. As a result, this will give rise to business intelligence, improved communication, and customer engagements.  

Allocation of Resources- In conventional IT infrastructure, companies are giving most of their time in leveraging IT resources and maintaining the legacy of the systems. They have no time left for implementing new procedures to derive innovation, which in turn impede their revenue stream. Luckily, cloud computing has transformed the entire business model. It is significantly thriving business growth by enabling innovation.

Scalability: With on-demand resource provisioning aspect in the cloud, a company can scale up the computing resources as its business need spikes. It allows companies to focus on core areas which derive innovation, irrespective of congesting in the hardware upgrade plans.        

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IT Security- It is yet another booming segment under cloud technology that has experienced immense innovation. The provision of monitoring, managing and accessing vulnerability aspects from remote server tends to work more efficiently.

The cloud is acting like a pedestal for deriving innovation and enabling companies with transcendent opportunities to create new markets. For example- video game players can connect to the cloud, share data and collaborate with other gamers in the virtual world. Next, cloud has helped online shopping ventures and has transformed the software distribution market as well.

Innovation is a crucial aspect that every company strives for as it helps in aligning business objectives with end-user expectations in a way that brings efficiency & agility. Cloud uptake is expeditiously increasing, powering tremendous business workloads in terms of scalability, reliability, accessibility and competitiveness. Importantly, cloud is not just about transforming IT, it is about changing the way how companies are doing businesses and unlocking new insights to streamline the business growth. In addition to this, there is no corner untapped with on-demand scaling capability of cloud in taking the businesses to the next level.  

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