Containerization Automated: Red Hat Launches Migration Toolkit for Cloud-Native Apps

Jun 21,2021 by Manoj Yadav

For some reason, it seems like businesses are done with in-house setups

but what is it with on-site servers that there’s so much spite?

Truth be told, maintaining a server in-house is an arduous task and the amount of hype surrounding cloud technologies is on account of it needing zero maintenance. As a business, every other organization that we see around us is either moving to the cloud or adopting cloud-native containers.

To cut short, organizations prefer containerization because it needs neither setup nor hefty capital. Businesses depend a lot on third-party tools and services, especially in the domain of cloud, and Red Hat is at the forefront of cloud-based open-source technologies. Planning to launch its new set of tools to help cloud-native apps and other related deployments, Red Hat, on 15th June 2021, announced its Migration Toolkit for Virtualization .

Red Hat’s toolkit set to modernize and accelerate the move to the cloud

The Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA) is an assembly of tools supporting large to medium scale deployment of Java apps and their modernization and migration. With this toolkit configured, businesses can accelerate code migration, and with it, the deployment of apps to the cloud-native containers.

It’s for anyone who needs a robust framework to quickly move and edit source code. The web console embedded into the MTA helps people curate and optimize codes and create solutions.

Automate Analysis of codes

Red Hat’s tools are already at the vanguard of open-source technologies and MTA goes beyond the usual by incorporating AI and ML capabilities. This can be corroborated by the fact that the current Migration Toolkit allows you to automate the process of analysis and transform packages and set advanced options when needed. You can alternatively select the type of transformation you want to analyze for, and have the result automatically added.

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Kubernetes will get way more powerful

Container technologies like Kubernetes are likely to benefit the most because most tools in the MTA relate directly to containerization. This means developers can spend more time coding applications than setting up containers and migrating builds to the cloud.

More open-source technologies are lined up

Red Hat isn’t stopping at MTA for sure, and has an arsenal full of open-source tools lined up for future releases. We see Red Hat heavily invested in releasing open license tools and MTA is what you may call just a trailer. Just last year Red Hat alongside IBM announced Konveyor – a community of open source applications to help modernize and migrate workloads. The tools that Konveyor provided are now an elemental part of MTA. Red Hat is likely to go on a spree of releasing more such open-source tools in the future that will make your cloud journey even more engaging.


Clouds may have eliminated setup and provisioning, there are still certain grey areas that have a significant amount of learning curves, especially migration and modernization. One such area that has baffled professionals is the migration of applications to the cloud. Not that it is rocket science; the exposure needed to learn nuances of migration isn’t just available and we have only a handful of professionals that are indeed “experts”.

Red Hat’s MTA may offer you robust tools but it’s up to no good without an equally robust Kubernetes container.

For two decades, Go4hosting has been offering powerful containers on robust cloud ecosystems, that are readily compatible with future technologies like Red Hat’s Migration Toolkit for Application. Hosting on our containers, you will have an engaging experience not just with Red Hat’s migration tools but any toolkit build on any platform.

Call now or send us an email to have the Migration Toolkit configured to your Kubernetes.

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