Colocation Hosting- Why is it Good for Small Scale Businesses?

Jan 28,2022 by Neha Dubey
Colocation Hosting

Colocation Services offers a plethora of benefits, extensive features, and convenience to businesses. It is one of the best hosting solutions for small businesses that are seeking the perks of a dedicated IT team without having to pay the additional cost.

Colocation services provide so much to both the server and the business owner. Unsheathing on a web host’s bandwidth and using it as needed is comparatively less expensive than purchasing that bandwidth and renting a web server from a web host.

So, if you’re considering Colocation hosting over dedicated servers, then you’re reading the right post. In this post, we shall discuss everything about colocation web hosting and the significant advantages it offers.

What is Colocation Hosting?

A colocation is a form of hosting where a company buys its web server or servers and deploys them in the rack of a web host. In this type of hosting, entrepreneurs can save storage space by not having to accommodate an entire rack of servers, and they can also use the bandwidth of the web host. The bandwidth used at any given time is included in the hosting web package, and the entrepreneurs can use it as if it were their own. Aside from bandwidth, the web host will also provide an IP address and authority to the server.

In a nutshell, the placement of privately-owned servers and networking assets in a third-party leased facility is known as Colocation. Colocation services provide businesses with scalability, coherency, security, and stability along with access to the most advanced data center technology while eliminating the need to build, staff, and maintain in-house data centers or server rooms. This allows users or entrepreneurs to focus on their core areas.

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What Services Does a Data Center Colocation Facility Provide?

Generally, the data center India colocation service provides building, power, bandwidth, cooling, physical security, etc. At the same time, the clients provide both storage and servers. Aside from that, you can rent the space at a facility according to the room, cage, rack, or cabinet. Numerous colocation data centers offer managed services; however, choosing reliable and cheap Cloud Hosting India services is crucial.

Types of Colocation Hosting Services

There are mainly three types of colocation hosting services that most colocation services provide. These facilities are broadly classified as either retail or wholesale.

  1. Retail Colocation: When a customer rents data center space, typically a rack, space within a rack, or a caged-off area is known as retail relocation.

2. Wholesale Colocation: The process of leasing out a fully-built data center space at a lower cost than retail vendors but with very few power and space requirements is known as wholesale Colocation.

3. Hybrid Cloud Colocation: Hybrid cloud-based Colocation refers to a combination of in-house and outsourced data center services. And it is one of the most popular hosting services today as more and more businesses are opting for hybrid cloud-based colocation facilities.

Why Should You Outsource Your Small Business Web Hosting to a Colocation Service?

Colocation hosting is an excellent option for small businesses, particularly those planning to expand. As a start-up outsourcing your business web hosting to a colocation service is not advisable. But it’s a great option for firms that are in their expansion mode.

So, if you’re planning to grow your small business and need more reliable web hosting to do so, then here is why you should consider colocation services.

1. Excellent Features

First things first, when it comes to web hosting features, Colocation offers more features than traditional web hosting. Undoubtedly, it’s an expensive solution; however, it is a great one for burgeoning companies.

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If your current web host is not able to meet your hosting needs, then putting in extra cost for colocation services is worthwhile.

2. Improved Speed

If you’re experiencing reliability and speed issues with your current web host, then it’s time to consider colocation hosting. It is because a colocation service can only provide the beefed-out resilience that you’re looking for.

3. Scalability

When you’re expanding your business, you need a hosting service that can be scaled as and when needed. Unlike traditional web hosting services, colocation hosting is very scalable. Having a colocation data center will help you have an experience as seamless as possible.

4. Easily Upgradable

Another significant advantage of the colocation data center is that it is easily upgradable. When you own your servers and use Colocation, you can upgrade as needed. Also, you don’t have to depend on another company for this.

5. Eliminates Outages

While you grow your business, you need speedy, efficient hosting services so that your websites are up at all times. Unlike traditional hosting services where downtime or outages are more, colocation facilities provide you with good speed so that you don’t have to deal with your websites going down due to power outages, etc. It is because colocation providers have backup power generators and are prepared to deal with power outages. Colocation service providers have contingency plans in place for such occurrences.

Colocation hosting lets you have more speed because you have your dedicated servers hosted at a dedicated facility. You don’t have to put up with the troubles of queuing up for a company to do it. In addition, you get an immense level of data protection.

Which businesses can reap the benefit from Colocation hosting?

A colocation hosting India service can be a smart investment for any business. Colocation services offer flexibility and a potential suite of services, as well as its physical features. Also, a colocation service can help businesses migrate from legacy workloads, improve disaster recovery, and implement hybrid cloud software solutions.

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When legacy workloads aren’t cloud-ready, moving to a colocation facility is a good option. Maybe you want to avoid managing your on-premises data center, but you do not want to have your equipment contracts expire.

In terms of disaster recovery, colocation is similar to the cloud. Without proper planning and preparation, any disastrous event can impact your business like fire, flood, outages, or cyberattacks.

The Bottom Line

So that’s all there is to colocation services. Know that colocation hosting is more reliant and simple to set up and manage. With colocation web hosting, you can be confident that your operations will be efficient and smooth.

Remember that selecting the right colocation hosting service provider is critical for a positive hosting experience. Contact us if you’re having trouble finding the right hosting provider. Go4Hosting is a leading cloud hosting India service provider. We can help you make the transition from shared hosting to colocation hosting smoother.

Contact us for more information on colocation services and how they can help you win. Our representatives will be on hand to assist you throughout the process. you can mail us

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