With use of computers in every imaginable field, storage of data has become an area of prime concern and importance. Storing on the computers, extra hard disks drives was the norm. But even these tend to get corrupted and computers are prone to crash. The very purpose stands to be defeated if we cannot store the data securely on permanent basis. Computer experts have devised ways to ensure files are stored online. This is the nearest to 100 per cent mark as far as reliability goes. It is storing your data remotely, with ability to access when required. Another advantage is that storing on external hard drive or tapes is time consuming. Online cloud storage is hassle free at the click of the mouse.

Is it Reliable?

This is the question upper most on the minds of IT guys. The answer is a big yes. It has stood the test of times. It is revealed that the reason for failure is attributed to human error. Even this has been overcome by technocrats with smarter solutions. Now, best online storage is considered safe for storing files, photos, videos – in fact any data of any size. It takes care of day to day contingencies so that the data remains insulated.

There are two types of online cloud storage:

•    Software based
•    Web based

In software based back up, data is stored on off-site servers, which are at a distant, away from your computer. A software interface is required to operate your online storage account. Such software is provided by the vendor providing such a facility, with the security systems in place. Only you can access your data. Data is stored as per the limit allocated.

Web-based online backup is like storing documents on your email account, enabling storage of large files in assorted formats.

Software based back up is preferred because of friendly features like more storage space. You can also schedule an online back up at a fixed time every day.

Many advantages

There are several solid advantages for using online cloud storage.

1.    Cloud storage is invisible and does not take up the space on your home or office PC.
2.    It is fully secured. The files get encrypted at the transmission stage. In corporate business houses, access to stored data is limited. Departments can only access their own data, and not of other departments. Only authorized personnel can modify that data.
3.    Cost – is not so high, since storing manually is a very tedious, time consuming, and monotonous job.
4.    With an internet line, you can access your stored data from anywhere on your PC, mobile or tablet.
5.    Syncing features allows the data to be updated simultaneously on all application devices.
6.    Automation helps to eliminate cumbersome and risk prone human processes. Data is not only stored securely, but also speedily.
7.    Sharing is easy for individuals and professionals. A single file or picture can be shared easily.
8.    Cloud storage enables collaboration, where many people can work on or edit the same file.
9.    In any eventuality, data can be recovered and restored within minutes since all files have backups. 

To conclude, by leveraging outstanding cloud storage services of a reputed cloud host, businesses can accelerate their performance and growth opportunities.